Latin Party

Latin Decor: Mexican Sarapes...throw them on the couch or use them as table cloths to decorate

Throwing a Latin Party To Celebrate Hispanic Style

One of the hottest trends is throwing Latin parties or giving a Latino touch to your parties. I give a twist to any regular party by adding some Hispanic culture and Spanish elements to it. I am giving you simple ideas to enjoy a Latin bash with style.

The main elements of this party are: decor, invitations, food and Latin party music. So go ahead and make your party a success!

Latin Decor: Mexican Sarapes...throw them on the couch or use them as table cloths to decorate

Latin Decor: Mexican Sarapes…throw them on the couch or use them as table cloths to decorate

Setting the mood. Think about indoor or outdoor.

  • For indoor parties use colorful candles on tables creating clusters of color that become focal points.
  • Decorate your couch and furniture with bright colored throws. Use simple blankets or traditional sarapes -colorfully striped blankets with reds, blues, purples, and oranges.
  • Buy colorful flowers and use them as center pieces. Daisies, geraniums, and lilies work well.
  • Use a yellow or burgundy table cloth as a base. On top place a sarape. The base colors pick up nicely other bright colors in the decor.
  • For outdoor parties have a piñata hanging from a tree filled with chocolates. I prefer white chocolates from Argentina (Bariloche) or typical dark chocolate from Mexico. If indoors, hang it in a corner as a focal point.
  • Hang Luminarias or paper lights from trees, put them on your deck to light the path, on your deck rail, or on the front of your home. Keep colors alike: burgundy, purple, yellow and orange.
By Aslentz. Available at

By Aslentz. Available at

Latin party invitations call for bold color papers, keeping burgundy, purple and orange in your color scheme. Make them bilingual! Write inside:

  • “Te invito a celebrar estilo Latino! or Fiesta!”
  • On Saturday September 20 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • At my house XXXXX (give the address)
  • RSVP 222-555 44 55 by 10/08/09
  • Be ready to break the piñata!
  • Alternative? send an Evite that has bold colors. Use the “Design your own” feature or upload your own background and image to create a unique invitation.
Picture by Patricia McCausland

Picture by Patricia McCausland

Food. Yum! To make your Latin party a success think about the main bocadillos, pasantes or small foods you love from your country. A chic way to serve your foods is using terracotta pots. Yes! Clean them well and serve chips, corn fritters or empanadas in them.
Click on the recipes below.

  • Include small pieces of chorizos or pork sausage, sautéed onions, and pieces of thin meat over flat bread or use arepas, a white thick corn tortilla from Colombia.
  • An alternative to terracotta pots ia to use big colorful wooden bowls like bateas to serve empanadas, bunuelos or cheese/sweet corn fritters, chicharrones or fried pork skin with meat, smooth guacamole and pico de gallo with corn chips.
  • To clean the palate make a big bowl with salpicón, a mix of tropical fruits with juice or soda.
  • Last? Make sets of bocadillo, membrillo, or guava paste with white cheese on toothpicks and pass them along.
Picture by Daniel Lobo.

Picture by Daniel Lobo.

Beverages give a very typical Latino touch. Try to include at least 3 of the ones listed below. Click on the recipes.

  • A good Sangria
  • Cuba Libre drinks.
  • Tequila with salt and lime.
  • Micheladas, which are cold beer with salt, lemon and spice -depending of the country or region you get the recipe from.
  • Typical red and white wines from Chile, Argentina or Uruguay. My favorite is Santa Rita Carménère 120 from Chile.
  • You can also offer non-alcoholic authentic Hispanic beverages like soda pops, nectars, juices, and aguas frescas. 
Grupo Aventura...One of the best Bachateros of today!

Grupo Aventura…One of the best Bachateros of today!

Latin party Music is key to a memorable fiesta. Think about your guests. Are the majority Hispanic? Do you have a 50/50 mix or are the majority Americans? Also consider the age of your guests and rhe time of the party.

  • If the majority of the people are Latinos willing to dance then go along with salsa, merengue, Pop Latin music and some jazz.
  • If you have a mix leaning towards Americans (that always happens to me) then play Latin Jazz. Eddi Palmieri or Paquito D’Rivera are good choices. Also mix in Pop Latino with artists like Shakira and Jose Feliciano.
  • If your guests are all Latinos go ahead, be ready to dance until the morning hours (even if the invite says over at 6:00 pm) and play a super mix of salsa, merengue, bachata and rock en Español.

Why Throw a Latin Party?

Just because we love having fun while keeping our traditions going. We make every occasion a special one so we have an excuse to party. We are happy people and love to use any chance we have to get together with friends and family.

Yes, we like to listen to music a bit louder than other people do, our parties last for a long time (some the entire night), and yes the majority of us like to have many drinks even though we know the “guayabo” or sickness the next day is going to be ugly!

The good news? We involve the whole family, neighborhood, or even church. So get ready to party Latino Style.

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