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The easiest way to uncover the ins and outs of top Latin travel gems. Yes, I will be your insider gal to South America tours and travel.

These smart guides to where, when, best rental homes, cheap flights to South America and insider info to TOP Latin America travel destinations are here for you! Take full advantage of them and feel free to ask me any question you may want.

Let me show you, from a real Latina perspective, some of the best ways to combine culture and adventure at these North (Mexico), Central and South American destinations.

I hand picked these destinations based on 3 main reasons: cultural appeal, great value for what they offer, and adventure.

Chichén Itzá Mayan Ruins

Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins

Experience the ancient city of the Maya by taking one of the top rated Chichen Itza tours or go off the beaten path. Take a real trip to the past. Relax by mixing other tours in your trip and be sure to get the most value for your money!

Machu Picchu Peru

Machu Picchu

Interested in seeing real South American ruins? What about a place that can bring you back to the early 1400’s, true to its roots and breathtaking… Visit Machu Picchu a true Latin travel adventure.

Titicaca Lake Peru

Uros Islands Peru

Venture to the unspoiled Titicala Lake in Peru, one of the undisputed marvels of the natural world. Enjoy the majestic views of the surrounding islands where indigenous inhabitants live without electricity and modern comforts.

Angel Falls Venezuela

Angel Falls Venezuela

At Angel Falls, water plummets 3,212 feet down the sheer rock face of a sandstone mesa in a dramatic plume of water and explodes in a cloud of mist. Twenty times higher than Niagara Falls, Angels Falls is actually the tallest waterfall in the world.

Easter Island in Chile

Angel Falls Venezuela

Rapa Nui or Easter Island Chile, is probably one of the most remote and enigmatic destinations on the planet. Located over 2,000 miles from the nearest other inhabited land, this island is famous for its giant statues known as “moai.”

There are many cultures within Hispanic America that when traveling, taking it easy will help you enjoy to soak in the culture.

Hispanic culture varies amongst the countries that are part of it, therefore foods, traditions, celebrations, Catholicism, and even language are not all the same.

San Agustin Colombia

Visiting San Agustin in ColombiaI must admit, when I lived in Colombia I had no desire to visit San Agustin however, once I left my native country and saw the world through different trips I realized how special this park in Huila Colombia is.

The giant statues on Easter Island in Chile may be more famous, but in my opinion, they are nothing compared to the marvelous megalithic sculptures of San Agustín. As soon as you view the spectacular carved stone statues here, you will have to agree.

Hispanic culture varies amongst the countries that are part of it, therefore foods, traditions, celebrations, Catholicism, and even language are not all the same.

Yes, we understand each other’s Spanish but there are dialects, yes we all eat tamales but they are not prepared the same way, yes we are mostly Catholic but we practice and celebrate a bit differently from country to country… So be prepared to absorb the differences and enjoy the ride.

In this section I try to give you pointers and tips on how to enjoy a particular place I recommend as well as a brief understanding of what you will be visiting.

It is only my opinion or my friends’ opinion as many of my articles are based on actual Hispanic travel I have done or interviews with native Latin Americans who know the places well.

Today Latin American travel can be specialized also. You can book your trip to be gastronomic, adventurous, archeological, relaxing, cultural, and many more. I recommend you to think ahead and decide what kind of trip you want to experience.

I mostly like cultural and adventurous trips that take minimum two weeks, where I don’t have to be pressured by rigid schedules and where I can mix with the locals. Bear in mind we travel with our son who loves it, therefore most of the information I include is appropriate for families.

Enjoy and take some time to do some Hispanic travel…I will assure you will enjoy it!

Pictures from top to bottom by Marcela Hede, robennals & Phillie Casablanca.

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