Latino Interviews

A Personal Chat With Hispanics Who Are Influencing the U.S.

This page of Latino interviews is a source for you to know about Hispanics who are making a mark in U.S. culture through their work.

Some famous Latinos listed here are people like you and me who started with a dream and pursued it with passion. Some became famous by simply doing what they enjoy and love the most.

This page is an inspirational source as well as a vehicle for you to know which Latinos are forging the future of Hispanic-Americans in the U.S.

Famous Hispanic Authors

Andres Torres Author of Signing in Puerto Rican.

Patricia McCausland Gallo. Author of Secrets of Colombian Cooking and Passion for Coffee, winner of the Silver medal by Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2008.

Suni Paz is a Beloved Argentinean singer and songwriter who dedicates her life to cultivate love for Hispanic Culture through her music. We recognize her well for her contributions to teaching children about loving their culture and using music as a tool in the classroom.

José Luis Orozco Is one of the best children’s author and song writer’s from Hispanic heritage. As his biography on his website says: “I pride myself in providing rich Latin American culture in my music and it is my desire to pass on this heritage to the children of today so that they may take pleasure in passing it on to the children of tomorrow.”


Graciela Tiscareño-Sato the author of Latinnovating.

Mariela Dabbah the author of Poder de Mujer and the creator of The Red Shoe Movement

Hispanic Entrepreneurs

Molly Robbins. Creator of Palomita and Chucho brands. Winner in 2009 of the Woman Owned Business of the Year for San Rafael, CA and creator of the Palomita Educational Fund that helps Latinos achieve their dream of education.

Hispanics Netpreneurs

Jorge Bravo. Creator of a community where we meet to talk about Latin food, share recipes and tips, interact, find fellow Hispanic foodies, and celebrate the variety of Hispanic cuisine.

Hispanic Organizations

Las Comadres. Nora de Hoyos Comstock is the creator, President and CEO of Las Comadres Para  Las Americas, a worldwide Latina organization that connects and empower Latinas everywhere  through community building/networking, culture, learning, and technology.

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