Latino News Sources in The U.S.

With Latinos becoming an ever-larger segment of the US population, it makes perfect sense that we have many excellent Latino news sources in the U.S.

Some of the best Latino news sources come from areas that have large Hispanic populations, such as California, Texas, and Florida, but thanks to the wonders of the internet you can now access these news sources from absolutely anywhere.

Whether you want to read world news focusing on Hispanic countries, coverage of the antics of favorite Latino celebrities, or opinions and lifestyle stories relevant to the Latino community, you can surely find it among the following top sources of Latino news.

Latino News Sources in The U.S.

El Planeta – Boston

This Latino newspaper covers the greater Boston area and offers high quality international, US, and local news.
It meets the unique needs of Latino readers by offering lifestyle articles on topics like parenting and fashion from a Latino perspective, as well as tackling tough issues such as the rights of undocumented workers.
The “Best of El Planeta” provides especially nice feature for locals by compiling a Latino readers’ choice list of all the best stuff in Boston.

Hoy & Hoy Fin de Semana – Los Angeles

If you live in LA and like to read your newspaper the old fashioned way, you can get the daily newspaper Hoy or the weekend edition Hoy Fin de Semana delivered right to your doorstep.

Hoy Fin de Semana actually claims the distinction of having the largest delivered circulation of any Spanish language newspaper in the US, so you can tell how much the Latino community in LA must love it.

Readers from all over the US can also enjoy this paper online. It has a special focus on news from Mexico as well as US immigration news.

El Nuevo Herald – Miami

El Nuevo Herald started out as the Spanish language version of the Miami Herald but quickly evolved its own identity.

Today El Nuevo Herald offers comprehensive news for south Florida as well as international news, with a special focus on Cuba, as you would expect for a paper serving the Cuban-American capital of the US.

La Voz – Houston

This newspaper has very strong coverage of international, US, and local news. With Latinos and Hispanic culture having had a strong presence in Texas for generations upon generations, it seems there is more interest and engagement here with politics and the content ofLa Voz reflects this. Therefore La Voz makes an excellent source of news for those interested in a Latino perspective on US politics.

Other Latino News Sources

Of course you have many other options for reading Latino news in the US. For example, you might try some of these national news sites:
• CNN en Español
• FOX News Latino
• Huffington Post Latino Voices
• CNET en Español

You might also like to look at some other local or regional news sources:

• Al Dia (Dallas-Fort Worth)
• El Diario de El Paso
• La Gaceta (Tampa)
• El Sentinel (Orlando)
• El Diario la Prensa (New York City)
• Hoy Chicago
• Vida Latina (monthly magazine for Georgia and the Carolinas)
• Washington Hispanic (DC)

Finding Local Latino News in Your Area

You might also consider looking for small newsletters or other publications that serve a hyperlocal area and contain news for your city or neighborhood.  There are many Latino news sources in the U.S. today, just do a local search to find the best sources.

One excellent way to find such publications would be to simply visit the shops, business, and restaurants serving the local Latino community and check out what they might have on a bulletin board or newsstand by the door.

You can often find out about local entertainment and community events this way.

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