Learn Spanish Abroad Guide

Do you want to Learn Spanish Abroad? This is one of the best ways to learn Spanish quickly, properly and having fun.

This is my top recommendation for anybody who is seriously interested in furthering his Spanish learning skills.

As good as it sounds, it is very important to plan and prepare once you have made the choice to pursue this option. Let me tell you a story…

I once had a student who traveled to Peru to learn Spanish abroad. He was extremely excited, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, Jeff came back with an o.k. experience but not the perfect one he could’ve had.

How do I know this? Because he told me that the trip was o.k. Unfortunately the instruction was not
high quality. Yes, he spent a Summer in Peru traveling and “learning” medical Spanish but also he ended up with a teacher who was not very well versed in medical Spanish.

Besides, Jeff felt he had lost his most precious opportunity to learn medical Spanish in a limited amount of time.

At the end, he shared with me that this probably happened because of his lack of preparation, research about the school and selection of the school with the lowest price as a top decision making point.

I thought it couldn’t be that difficult to plan and make a decision about it until I did a Google search for learning Spanish abroad and came up with a laundry list of schools that offer many choices and prices.

I thought about Jeff and the many people out there who maybe looking to prepare themselves for a similar experience, and I put together this cluster of articles and information about how to learn Spanish abroad at the bottom.

When You Learn Spanish Abroad You Gain…

  • Excellent ear training opportunity. Learning from real native Spanish speakers constantly while immersed in the culture forces you to be more aware of normal pace conversations, language usage, inflexions, etc.  Also, language learning without culture is not as effective.
  • Gaining fluency fast. It is like taking the fast lane of learning. In a normal weekly class you may be a bit embarrassed about talking, here you just have to do it. You even forget to feel uncomfortable after a while!
  • Increasing vocabulary that comes from constant exposure to the natives. You need to communicate, if not you will be isolated. Subconsciously you start acquiring a lot more expressions and words in Spanish. It is the typical “you pick it up.”
  • Culture understanding comes with learning Spanish abroad. Sharing foods, seeing the locals behave, and participating in their conversations are pleasant enriching experiences that cement language learning. Who knows…Maybe you will become more open minded!
  • Writing in Spanish like a pro. Yes, it requires discipline but if you pound the road you will be light years ahead. There is no secret to perfection, practice, practice and practice.

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    Wanting to complement your Spanish learning adventure by learning Spanish ahead or after coming back? Check out my top 2 recommendations  for Spanish learning software. I tested them myself and remember, I am a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, which has one of the best Spanish you can find in South America!

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