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Botanical Garden in Medellín, Colombia

Why and Where to Learn Spanish in Colombia Advantages of a Colombian Spanish Immersion

Wondering what to expect when you learn Spanish in Colombia? I can sum up the people, the country, and the language in a single word: vibrant!

Any traveler to Colombia will agree that the local people are some of the most warm, caring, and affectionate individuals they have ever met.

They pepper their clean and beautiful speech with endearments like “corazón” or dear heart, and “mi amor” or my love. One of the best characteristics of Colombians is that they know how to make travelers feel welcome.

They will compliment your Spanish lavishly, even if it is terrible, which will help you have confidence to continue learning.

With a friendly local at your side, you will quickly assimilate into Colombian culture and have a blast exploring the many vibrant cities and beautiful natural areas of Colombia.

Advantages of Colombian Spanish

Botanical Garden in Medellín, Colombia

Botanical Garden in Medellín, Colombia

Colombian Spanish has a reputation for being very clear and easy to understand, at least in the big cities. It is also very colorful. Being a Colombian myself, I can share with you this is true.

Colombians pronounce very well, especially in the mountainous regions. This characteristic vanishes along the Atlantic coast where you find the main resort cities like Cartagena and Santa Marta.

Being expressive people, Colombians transfer this ability into using expressive language. They use descriptive sentences to show their emotions. There is no shortage of language usage and humor everywhere you go.

When you learn Spanish in Colombia, you will pick up all kinds of fun slang words and expressions that are unique to Colombia. This will really help you feel like a local as you learn, and obviously it is way more fun than learning Spanish from a book or a dry language course in your home country.

One possible difficulty for someone learning Spanish in Colombia is that there does not seem to be any hard and fast rule for when to use the informal “tu” or “vos” or the formal “Ud.”

This can be frustrating for students who like rules and structure however, it can also be liberating because you don’t have to worry about offending someone by using the wrong form.

Where to Study Spanish in Colombia

Here are three cities to consider if you want to learn Spanish in Colombia: I chose them because of their diversity and variety of activities they offer to any Spanish language learner.


Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, is a busy, dynamic, and diverse city. It’s a mix of old and new, rich and poor, historic colonial buildings and modern high rises set against a backdrop of mountains.

There is always plenty to see and do, and the nightlife is especially vibrant. Thanks to a great network of buses, it is easy to get around the city using public transportation.


I am biased when I say this is the best city in Colombia. I was born here and still have tight connections to Medellín. This is the “city of everlasting spring” because of its mild climate.

Medellín is a charming, hilly city that is home to many universities and language schools. Today it is a safe city with lots of gringos visiting and learning Spanish.

La Piedra del Peñol in Medellín, Colombia

La Piedra del Peñol in Medellín, Colombia

Locals take pride in improving their city even more. There are plenty of museums to explore and parks to enjoy, and you can get around easily using the Metro. The nightlife is good however, it is not as varied as in Bogotá


The university city of Manizales is a great place to relax and enjoy life in Colombia. It is a much smaller city than Medellín.

You will see lots of students hanging out in local cafes and parks or just strolling around the plazas. At night, the city comes alive with bars, clubs, and discos.

Manizales is high in the Andes Mountains, so it has a pleasant climate and many scenic views.

If you study Spanish in Manizales, be sure to explore the surrounding region including cloud forests, rain forests, and some of Colombia’s famous coffee plantations.

When you think abut it, your purpose may be just to learn Spanish in Colombia, but I can assure you, this immersion soon will become an exciting traveling adventure also.

If you are not sure about weather or not to learn Spanish in Colombia check out other possibilities through my other articles like Learn Spanish in Costa Rica, Learn Spanish in Guatemala, or Learn Spanish in Mexico.

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