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Ready to Learn Spanish Online? Best Courses and How to Choose

Frequently I hear these questions: Which is the best course to learn Spanish Online? Can I expect this method to be as fast as using immersion? Is it effective to learn Spanish on the Internet?

Not to worry, I am answering the above questions and cutting to the chase by identifying the best Spanish learning software online for you, what steps to follow to choose the right program and what to expect in the process.

If you are here it’s because you already know the importance of learning Spanish today, and possibly because you want to learn Spanish from home or on the go. Yes, I get it, you probably have a very busy schedule and going to school is just not possible for you.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Beforehand

Before you start your search for a school or program online be clear about the reasons for learning Spanish online. Why do I say this? Because these reasons will allow you to choose wisely your school or course.

      • Why do you need to learn Spanish? Depending on the type of Spanish you may be better learning online instead of learning using another method.Conversational Spanish for travel or basic Spanish for teaching can be mastered online easily.Medical Spanish could be more effective by attending school physically because you may need to practice with other students hands on for better results.
      • Are you disciplined enough to go through the online course and avoid slacking? Online courses require discipline and dedication, make sure you have it as you will be setting a schedule, and there will be nobody but yourself to hold you accountable.
      • What learning style are you? See my article about how to learn Spanish where I explain the types of learning styles.The best online Spanish learning courses use visual aids like videos, interactive exercises, etc. Your learning style determines if you will do better learning online (more visual) or by practicing in a classroom environment.If you are a visual, analytic or reflective type of learner you will have an easier time learning Spanish online.
      • Do you know how well and accurately you want to learn Spanish? There are tons of aids to learn Spanish online for free…But are these sites, aids and handouts of excellent quality to justify your time to go through them to learn the language at the level you want?Many times you get what you pay for. Some sites online want to “hook” you with several lessons to sell you the course or want to give you just the basics, and it is up to you to be disciplined to do it.
      • Do you need to earn credits towards your college degree by learning Spanish? This narrows down your possibilities because not all courses to learn Spanish online can earn you a credit towards your college degree.

4 Must Follow Tips to Choose the Right Program to Learn Spanish Online

1- Always Choose a Money Back Guarantee Program

The best courses that are not affiliated with universities generally offer you money back in a specific period of time.The best products out there offer a guarantee. This is a must as you may find out you don’t not like the product, you are not learning as fast as you thought you would or simply something happens and you can’t continue the online program.

2- Find Reviews and Comments Before Buying

This goes without saying, in a matter of minutes you can do a search and figure out what program has the best reputation. Please always look at the source of the comments or reviews.A native speaker, a person with a background in teaching or a true learner are best to rate a product to learn Spanish online than a person who simply sells

3- Choose a Program With Top Notch Visuals and Interactive Features

This is very important as holding your attention is more difficult when you are in front of a computer learning something new. We tend to fall asleep or drift away from the task at hand.Remember you are not interacting with people therefore it is more difficult to keep on going. Some programs however have areas online where you can meet with Spanish learners to interact and polish your skills in real time.

I know Spanish language learning software Tell me More has an area for you to interact with others in Spanish around the world. I tested it myself!

4- For Free Is Not Always Better
Who are we kidding? Yes, there are a lot of programs online that are for free to learn any language.

But let’s be realistic:

    • Are they well organized?
    • Is there a solid company behind the product?
    • Are the programs guiding you correctly with a cohesive plan and quality materials?
    • Do they give you the fun interactive tools you need to accelerate your learning Spanish process?In Spanish we have a saying “Lo barato sale caro,” what is cheap ends up costing you a lot! Don’t fall in this trap. Your time, efforts and money have to render you the best results!

      Which Is the Best Course to Learn Spanish Online?

      There are 3 programs that I like. The first one is Rosetta Stone which I am not affiliated with. It has very good visuals and it is easy to follow however, I find it somewhat incomplete. Lots of graphics and not enough meat. If you want basic Spanish it could be good.

      Best Spanish Learning Software
      My Reviews of Tell Me More & Rocket Spanish

      Wanting to complement your Spanish learning adventure by learning Spanish ahead or after coming back? Check out my top 2 recommendations for Spanish learning software. I tested them myself and remember, I am a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, which has one of the best Spanish you can find in South America!


      Tell Me More Spanish VIDEO

      rocketspanishRocket Spanish & Tell Me More
      Software Reviews

      My other 2 recommendations are Spanish language learning software Tell me More and Rocket Spanish which you can sign up to try for free for 60 days! It has the best Money back guarantee I have seen.

      If you need to know more about these last two programs to learn Spanish online I recommend you to check out my side by side comparison of Tell me More and Rocket Spanish here, in my article about Spanish learning software.

      Please write using the Contact me page to share other excellent programs to learn Spanish online that you have used and tell us why you think they are excellent. We would love to know more about other possibilities.

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