Mexican Wedding Cake Tradition

Mexican Wedding Cake

How to Use It With Style

Lets be honest…Nowadays, it can sometimes seem like time, distance, and the homogenizing influences of TV and pop culture are crowding out old traditions and making people forget their roots.

I personally feel there is no Latin tradition infused in many occasions when we celebrate baptisms, holidays and weddings.  I have attended many celebrations where there are no traces of Latin roots at all. This makes us forget where we come from, and somehow lose our valuable identity.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate Mexican traditions into daily life. Start with the small things, and soon you and your family will find yourselves feeling more and more in touch with your roots and identity.

Having a Mexican wedding is one great way of resurrecting old family traditions.  If you’re marrying into a family that is not Mexican, it can also be a fun way of introducing your new relatives to your family’s heritage without making the entire celebration Mexican style.

Making the wedding even more fun may include Mexican wedding dress for the occasion, even if you don’t want to be married in a Catholic church.

Adding other touches like a Mexican menu and Mexican mariachi music for the reception can create a real memorable celebration. And of course everyone will be excited to try some Mexican wedding cake!

What Is Exactly a Mexican Wedding Cake?

Mexican Wedding Cake

Mexican Wedding Cake

Defining this wedding cake is actually a bit difficult, as there are really three types of dessert that typically fall into this category: The traditional Mexican wedding cookies, the typical Mexican wedding cake and the modern version of it.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Also known as bizcochitos, these small round or crescent-shaped cookies are a common sight at weddings and other celebrations in Mexico.

They are similar to a shortbread cookie or a Russian teacake. Easy to prepare, basic Mexican wedding cookies contain just four ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, and ground nuts. You can also add salt and vanilla to taste.

Traditional Mexican Wedding Cake

The most traditional style of wedding cake in Mexico is a flat cake similar to an European fruitcake. This rich, dense cake is made with dried pineapple, coconut, almonds, and pecans, then soaked in rum.

Typically, Mexicans decorate this cake with religious symbols made of plain white frosting. If you want to make this traditional cake, try to get your hands on a bottle of Mexican vanilla. It really does have its own distinct flavor!

If you want to try another style of Hispanic wedding cake you can venture into having a bizcocho negro, which is fairly commun in South America especially Colombia.

Modern Mexican Wedding Cake

After the wedding ceremony, everyone heads to the reception to eat, drink, and dance to mariachi music.

Today, many Mexican brides abandon tradition altogether and choose a modern tiered wedding cake. This type of cake looks more fancy and elegant, and has many more options for colors and decoration.

An innovative way to maintain tradition along modern tiered wedding cake look is to use the traditional Mexican cake recipe to create a tiered one! Doing this has become a popular compromise between old and new in recent years.

If interested in making a traditional cake with panache, simply bake different sized layers of the traditional cake and bind them together with buttercream frosting or fondant icing. That is the secret I found by asking some modern Mexican brides.

Choose any of these options and your wedding dessert is sure to be a hit! Go the traditional route and you will also have the benefit of savoring a little bit of your heritage on your special day.

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