Mi Burrito Sabanero

Let’s Sing Villancicos de Navidad

The best way to start your day is by singing or listening to music to lift the sprit.

As Christmas approaches, I am getting ready to celebrate La Navidad Hispana with Villancicos, an important Hispanic Christmas tradition.

This Christmas carol is a villancico famous in Latin America, particularly in Venezuela and Colombia. People sing it around the Christmas tree or at novenas, with particular emphasis on the “tuqui, tuqui, tuqui tuqui, tuqui, tuqui, tuquitá” and that is why many call this Christmas carol “El Tuqui Tuqui” in an affectionate way.

Tips when Teaching this Villancico:

  • Explain the traditions of Hispanic Culture like the Christmas carols or villancicos to your children.
  • Shop for a villancicos CD that you can play throughout the day and at different places (the car, home, before bed) during Christmas.
  • If your children are not exposed to Spanish on a regular basis, try to identify the main vocabulary with images before you play the Christmas carol for them.
  • My personal experience? Play it in the mornings when waking your children up. I have been doing this with my son for several years now. Advantage? He is now familiar with most of the songs and sings pieces of them.

El Burrito Sabanero Lyrics

Verse 1
Con mi burrito sabanero
voy camino de Belén
con mi burrito sabanero
voy camino de Belén

Si me ven, si me ven
voy camino de Belén
si me ven, si me ven
voy camino de Belén.

El lucerito mañanero
ilumina mi sendero
el lucerito mañanero
ilumina mi sendero


Con mi cuatrico voy cantando
mi burrito va trotando
con mi cuatrico voy cantando
mi burrito va trotando


Tuqui tuqui tuqui tuqui
Tuqui tuqui tuquitá
apurate mi burrito que ya vamos a llegar

Tuqui tuqui tuqui tuqui
tuqui tuqui tuquitú
apurate mi burrito vamos a ver a Jesús

Repeat the entire song
Verse 1

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