Our Lady of Fatima

Church in Honor to the Virgin of Fatima

Or the Virgin of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima or the Virgin of Fatima is the Madonna that appeared to Lucía Santos, Francisco Marto and her sister Jacinta for the fist time on May 13th 1917 at the Cova da Iria (Cove of Irene.) The purpose? To reveal three secrets that would change the world.

Our Lady of Fatima Story

Three apparitions of the Angel of Portugal in 1916 preceded the visits of the Virgin of Fatima. The angel told the three shepherds not to be afraid of him and that he was the angel of peace.

The angel taught the children how to pray, and also about the mystery of communion. He appeared with a chalice and gave Jacinta and Francisco the content of it, and for Lucía was the consecrated wafer.

Eight months after the apparition of the angel on May 13th 1917 Nuestra Señora del Rosario or Our Lady of the Rosary appeared to the three shepherds and told them not to be afraid and that she was coming from heaven.

Our Lady of Fatima asked the children to Comeback at the Cova da Iria every May 13th for the next six months at the same time. The Virgen del Rosario also asked them to pray the rosary every day to bring peace to the world, which at the time was going through the First World War causing lots of pain and suffering to the victims.

Church in Honor to the Virgin of Fatima

Church in Honor to the Virgin of Fatima
by Beyond Forgetting

"La Virgen del Rosario"

“La Virgen del Rosario”
by A. Venefica

What was happening in the world that year? In Moscow, Lenin led the revolution that changed the social order in the world and became an enemy of the Catholic faith.

The second time Our lady of Fatima appeared she asked the children to Comeback the next month and to continue with the rosary every day. After each mystery she gave them a specific prayer. She wanted them to learn how to write and read and revealed that Francisco and Jacinta were going to heaven soon.

During the third apparition, Lucía asked the Virgin of Fatima who she was and if she could do a miracle for the people to believe. Our Lady of Fatima told her that in October she would reveal who she was, what she wanted and that she would end the apparition with a miracle.

She opened her hands and showed them hell which Lucía described as a sea of fire that contained a horrific scene of demons and human souls covered with smoke and screams of pain.

The Virgin of Fatima explained that God wanted to establish the fervor to her immaculate heart advising that if the world did as she said, many souls would be saved and peace would follow. Otherwise a more horrific war was going to start during the time of Pio XI. She asked for Russia to be consecrated to her and to do communion in reparation for all sins of the world.

During the fourth apparition on August 19 1917, the Virgin asked Lucía to prepare herself with other children

to carry holy statues for the festivities of Our Lady of the Rosary. About the offerings believers were leaving at the Cova, she instructed the children to save them to build the new chapel on the site of her apparitions.

On September 13th 1917, the Virgin of Fatima appeared again asking the children to continue with the rosary everyday to cease the war. She assures them that in October God was coming along with Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Our lady of Mount Carmelo. Also she told them that Saint Joseph was going to appear with baby Jesus in his arms to bless the world.


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On the sixth apparition, Our Lady of Fatima asked the children to build a chapel at the place she had been appearing in her honor, to continue praying the rosary, and told them that the war was soon to end.

On October 13th 1917 before the eyes of about 70,000 spectators the sun turned into a silver disc that didn’t hurt when people looked at it. It also appeared to dance and move for a couple of seconds. The multitude screamed miracle! miracle! while falling on their knees. Only the three children saw Saint Joseph with baby Jesus in his arms blessing the world.

Our Lady of Fatima Statue

Having a small Lady of Fatima statue is customary in many Portuguese homes. Even though this virgin is also revered in Latin America it is in Portugal, Brazil and Mexico where she has many followers.

Our Lady of Fatima Rosary

Praying the rosary was one of the petitions Our Lady of Fatima made to the world. Our lady of Fatima Rosary is one of the most revered and used pieces because of what it represents. Many Catholics find refuge by praying the rosary daily, and to do so there are special rosaries and rosary bracelets that have the image of the virgen they pray to.

Our Lady of Fatima continues to be one of the most revered virgins in Hispanic culture and in Catholic tradition representing hope and God’s true love for humankind.


  1. Brenda Flateau says:

    I have been looking for the statue of the Angel of Fatima or sometimes called the Angel of Portugal. The Angel prepared the children to see Mary and also gave them Communion. He has a host in his hands and his hair is blown back and has no wings. It is a beautiful statue , but can’t find one locally. Could you help me. Thank you and God bless, Brenda

    • Marcela Hede says:

      Brenda, did you try clicking on one of the images of the Fatima in the shop for sale? What happens is when you go to that page it’ll show you many more options for the Fatima statues and probably you can find the angel. I never heard of an angel of that kind. Do you mind sharing a little bit more of the history? It’s beautiful.

  2. Why is religious “fact” occurred in Portugal presented in a website about Hispanic culture as Hispanic? Portugal is not hispanic as far as I know.

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