Puerto Rican Culture

The more I researched Puerto Rican culture and attempted to make myself more privy to it, the more I got the feeling that it mirrored the way in which the American cultures was cultivated. In no way am I asserting that American and Puerto Rican … [Continue reading]

5 Reasons Every Man Should Date A Latina

I have already talked about why Latinas like to marry Gringo men but now let’s flip the tables and talk about the many benefits that come with dating a Latina. It was pretty hard to narrow the list down but I think I have distilled the field into … [Continue reading]

Coca and Andean Culture

How is it that coca and Andean culture are so intertwined?  There is somewhat of a complicated relationship between coca leaf chewing and the rest of the world but in Bolivia and many other South American countries, there is no complication.  While … [Continue reading]

24 Hours in Santiago Chile

Your travel itinerary for South America is probably jam packed but if you are going to pass through Santiago, Chile you should really take some time to see the sites. But what if you only have 24 hours in Santiago Chile? A lot of people simply pass … [Continue reading]

How Hispanics are Redefining the US – Hispanic Heritage Month

As we observe Hispanic heritage month this year and reflect on what it means to be Hispanic in America, it is almost getting hard to see a defining line. What I mean is that Hispanics are becoming so ingrained in the American culture and way of … [Continue reading]

Latino or Hispanic – Which One is Politically Correct

There are fewer culturally relevant questions in modern America more polarizing than this one: Latino or Hispanic-which one is politically correct? There are also few questions that simply lead to more questions than this one does. The truth is … [Continue reading]

Grandparents or Abuelos Importance in Hispanic Family Traditions

Unfortunately my grandmother passed away before I was born and my grandfather has lived in a different state than me for most of my life but I have seen firsthand my own mother become a grandmother and I have noted that her role in our family is … [Continue reading]

Retiring in Ecuador

Why retiring in Ecuador?  Because when one thinks of the phrase “golden years” I believe it would be safe to assume that no one conjures up the image of being huddled under a thick blanket, shivering in the cold. Not that anyone spends the twilight … [Continue reading]