The Strange Tale of Oscar Zeta Acosta

When I pose it to others, even Latinos, if they know the name Oscar Zeta Acosta, the answer is usually no. My next question is invariably “have you seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?” to which many people say yes. Then I tell them that Oscar Zeta … [Continue reading]

The Famous Evil Eye Amongst Latinos

Have you heard if the famous evil eye amongst Latinos?  To say that Latin America can be a place to find all kinds of wild superstitions would be an understatement. In fact it may be more accurate to think of such superstitions as a basis for many … [Continue reading]

The History of Tango Music

Breaking down the history of any musical genre is a daunting and near-impossible task.  Genres of music are not like physical inventions that can be traced to a singular point in time.  Rather, music is an amalgamation of moods, attitudes, social … [Continue reading]

Punta Del Este Uruguay Beaches

South America boasts a bevy of beautiful beaches and there are many countries you can visit to spend a relaxing time in the warm sun but few have the concentration of stunning beaches that Uruguay does. Furthermore, few South American countries … [Continue reading]

Traditional Breakfast Foods in Bolivia

While lunch may be the most important meal in your typical Bolivian’s day that is not to say that breakfast has not taken on a life and style of its own in this unique South American country. Western breakfast traditions like milk and cereal are … [Continue reading]

The Q’ero Mystics of Peru

There is a lot of mystery that surrounds the Q’ero mystics of Peru.  Some say they are direct descendants of Incan high priests. Some even purport that they live in the Andean mountains at altitudes where no normal human can survive.  Such claims may … [Continue reading]

Top 6 Latin Music Genres

Latino music, just like Latino food is flavorful and evokes emotions of warmth and spice.  The Latin world has given us many different genres of music –some more popular than others.  Still, I found that there is something to appreciate and take away … [Continue reading]

Grape Harvest Festival in Mendoza Argentina

Have you heard of the Grape Harvest Festival in Mendoza Argentina?  Argentina plays host to some of the most exciting and eclectic festivals in the world. The German influence in Argentina has spawned the Oktoberfest Argentinians celebrate every … [Continue reading]