Are Puerto Ricans Immigrants in the US

As I have done with other sensitive topics and points of contention on this blog in the past, allow me to answer the question ‘are Puerto Ricans immigrants in the US?  Definitively and right off the bat: no. Puerto Ricans are not immigrants the … [Continue reading]

Are Spanish and Latin the Same Thing

Are Spanish and Latin the same thing?  No. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. You may be reading this because you want a simple answer to the question “are Spanish and Latin the same thing?” and if you are, you have your answer in plain … [Continue reading]

5 Traditions Amongst Latino Moms

An interesting thing happened to my perception of different cultures when writing about 5 traditions amongst Latino moms and talking to people in my life who could give some insight on the topic. Instead of finding ‘5 traditions amongst Latino … [Continue reading]

Why Do Latinas Marry Gringos

While the matters of the heart can never be quantified (the heart wants what the heart wants) the increasing number of Latinas opting to marry gringos is a very interesting phenomenon that invites much speculation and pondering. If you don't know … [Continue reading]

The Mate Ceremony

Simply called the mate ceremony the Yerba Mate tradition has become something of a fad in recent years. You can even walk into a grocery store here in the states and buy a pack of a branded Yerba Mate tea. This drink however has very deep and … [Continue reading]

What Are Arepas Colombianas

Many people ask me what are arepas Colombianas?  If you are Colombian, the word “arepa” was probably one that you grew up hearing in your home.  In short, an arepa is one of the most popular of Colombian foods. There are many different versions of … [Continue reading]

Traveling to Cuba

As time goes by and hard relations thaw, so too does the opportunity for eager travelers to expand their horizons become an easier and more fluid process. I am speaking of course of the loosening restrictions the U.S. government has held onto in … [Continue reading]

The Tale of the Burnt Girl’s Street: Or La Calle Quemada

Having been born and raised in the states but being of Hispanic heritage gave me the gift of multiple world views.  Folk tales like The Tale of the Burt Girl's Street in Mexico and other legends may not seem like they would have a huge personal … [Continue reading]