Machu Picchu Pictures

A Small Photographic Guide of the Lost City of the Inca Many times people ask me what are the specific parts I consider the most impressive of the Machu Picchu ruins, and I let them know it is very difficult to select just a few. … [Continue reading]

Hispanic Religion The Catholic Traditions, Meaning
& Celebrations Among Hispanics

Hispanic Religion has been a phrase that equates to Roman Catholic faith among most Hispanics. We grew up practicing many of the typical Roman Catholic traditions and attending mass on Sundays. Religion has played a very important role among Latinos … [Continue reading]

Titicaca Lake Peru

I encourage anyone who wants to experience true Hispanic culture to travel to Titicaca Lake, Peru. Located in the high Andes, specifically Puno, it is by far the largest navigable lake in the world. Did you know this lake nurtured Peru's Inca … [Continue reading]

Catholic First Communion

Meaning and Best Gifts Amongst Hispanics Catholic First Communion is a very important celebration for our children. At a young age we prepare our little ones to receive the Eucharist for the first time. Adults can also have their First Communion, … [Continue reading]

Spanish Learning Songs

Canciones Infantiles Trying to teach your children some Spanish? Living in a bilingual or bicultural  family? Wishing your bundle of joy learns Spanish easy and fast? Or maybe you just want to pass down your Hispanic culture to your … [Continue reading]

Traveling to Angel Falls Venezuela

Facts,  Tips, Must Do Activities and Best Lodges & Posadas Hidden away in one of the most remote regions of Venezuela awaits a spectacular experience: Angel Falls Venezuela.  Traveling to the falls isn't easy, but if you take the time and make … [Continue reading]

Quinceañera Tradition

Meaning and Resources to Throw a Unique Quinceañera What is a Quinceañera Puzzled to know what Is a Quinceañera? No longer you have to guess. Here I explain the meaning of this magical celebration very popular in Latin America, especially in … [Continue reading]

Easing the Bilingual Learning Process

Articles & Resources to Keep You On Track Here I am posting resources I use with my son or that were recommended by readers like you.  Through trial and error I found myself gravitating to the same places and aides.  Spanish learning songs for … [Continue reading]