Celebrate Cinco de Mayo – A True Latino Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo Is... Party time! And a yearly celebration of the Mexican victory over the French army in La Batalla de Puebla in 1862.  Believe it or not, the U.S. and the state of Puebla in Mexico are the two places that celebrate this Mexican … [Continue reading]

Mexican Piñata

Imagine yourself at a Hispanic party. It can be a birthday party, a Christmas party, or even a wedding. There's lots of food, people mingling and enjoying the entertainment and revelries. Suddenly, a piñata is revealed and the excitement and thrill … [Continue reading]

Learn Spanish Abroad Guide

Do you want to Learn Spanish Abroad? This is one of the best ways to learn Spanish quickly, properly and having fun. This is my top recommendation for anybody who is seriously interested in furthering his Spanish learning skills. As good as it … [Continue reading]

Famous Hispanic People Biographies?

You have come to the right place. These biographies of these well known famous Hispanic people, Latinos and Hispanic Americans are divided by professions and under each one of them there is an alphabetical list. Enjoy and be inspired! Let your … [Continue reading]

El Día de los Muertos

All Day of the Dead Info You Need to Know El Día de los Muertos is an important holiday in Mexico and the U.S. amongst Mexican-Americans because of its significance...We remember our defunct loved ones. There is a tendency in the last decade to … [Continue reading]

Hispanic Baby Names and Spanish Baby Names

Hispanic Naming Traditions Hispanic baby names are a way to carry on tradition in Hispanic culture. You may ask yourself, tradition? Yes! As you may already know, two of the most important elements in Hispanic culture are family and religion, and … [Continue reading]

Hispanic Christmas

Navidad Hispana Decorations, Foods, Music and Traditions Decorations, Foods, Music and Traditions Latin Christmas Traditions Las Posadas, La Novena or nine days of prayer-, La Nochebuena or Christmas Eve-, and La Misa de Gallo or the … [Continue reading]

Best Spanish Learning Software

Tell Me More Review & Rocket Spanish Review  Tell Me More Rocket Spanish Please recommend a good Spanish language software! Is what many readers ask me for, and to be honest with you it took me a while to find these choices … [Continue reading]