Christmas Nativity Sets

From early childhood we learn the meaning of the nativity and also enjoy displaying the pesebre, Belen, favela, comuna, natividad, posada, portal or nacimiento especially in Colombia where I am from. History of the Nativity or Pesebre In Hispanic … [Continue reading]

Latino Interviews

A Personal Chat With Hispanics Who Are Influencing the U.S. This page of Latino interviews is a source for you to know about Hispanics who are making a mark in U.S. culture through their work. Some famous Latinos listed here are people like you … [Continue reading]

Hispanic and Latino Facts

Hispanic and Latino Culture Traits What do we value the most? What makes us happy? What do we think about family? Do we all speak the same Spanish? Read more to learn what makes Hispanics tick. Hispanic vs Latino What is the difference amongst … [Continue reading]

Latin America Mothers Day
Traditions, Significance & Latin Gifts

A mother's love knows no bounds. Motherhood transcends differences of faith, nationality, ethnicity, and cultural heritage, and unites us all as part of the human condition. Is it any wonder that so many countries around the world have official … [Continue reading]

Hispanic Traditions or Tradiciones Hispanas

Interested in learning and enjoying Hispanic traditions? Here I am compiling some of the most common and interesting ones amongst Spanish speaking people from North, Central and South America. For example, we know Hispanics practice these … [Continue reading]

Let’s Celebrate Hispanic Month

Latino Month or Mes de La Hispanidad This is one of my favorite times of the year. Yes! We get to celebrate and honor our Heritage. I am so proud of being Hispanic that I want to share with you some of the activities and knowledge I have, so you … [Continue reading]

The Best Hispanic Holidays
& Hispanic Festivals of North, Central and South America

Latin holidays are a way to connect with family, friends, our traditions, culture and beliefs. We do it in a lively manner; hey - it is just in our blood! For some of us who are immigrants, Hispanic Holidays bring the best memories of childhood … [Continue reading]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! … [Continue reading]