Molly Robbins the Creator of Palomita and Chucho Brands

Wearing Lulu Shirts at a Hispanic Convention

Meet Mexican Molly Robbins, a true entrepreneur and Latino culture lover. In this interview she brings inspiration and passion, the kind you can see embedded in the T-Shirt line this diligent and daring Hispana exudes.

To many Molly is not a famous name, but to others is a known figure because of her goal of improving education for Latinos through a portion of her revenues with her clothing line. But don’t take my word for it, read below to know more what this is all about.

Molly Robbins as a Latina & an Entrepreneur

As a Latina I am strong, intelligent and very proud of my family. I have taught my son how privileged he is to be bilingual and bicultural. He is actually tri-cultural as his father is from France…

The Latino culture embraces a “love for life” in a compassionate and passionate way. We love our music, colors and shapes, family and friends. Every family gathering turns into a fiesta!

Wearing Lulu Shirts at a Hispanic Convention

As an entrepreneur I am a risk taker but diligent in my business strategies and planning.

Keeping Hispanic Traditions Alive

I love our wonderful foods and music. One of my favorites is tamales and I make some of the best. At one point I had a small business called Molly’s Tamales!

I listen and dance to salsa, merengue, cumbia; you name it I will dance to it!

Palomita and Chucho Brands

What inspired you to create Palomita and Chucho brands? I wanted to create brands that truly resonated with the Hispanic community.
What is the purpose of the Palomita and Chucho brands of clothing? The designs are nostalgic and very recognizable. Something I hope we would all relate to and enjoy wearing.
What do you love the most of creating these? Coming up with designs that are trendy, original and nostalgic.
What about the education fund? We have established a non-profit organization: The Palomita Education Fund, where the sale of part of our line, the “Beca Series”, gives back proceeds to help Latinos go to college.

The Palomita Education Fund is still in its start up mode. We have had 2 annual charity events and I had to postpone this years’ until next year due to lack of sponsors. Everyone wants to be part of it but for trade.

We have begun to achieve name recognition for the Fund. We have not raised enough funds yet to grant any scholarships. The funds we have raised, as well as my personal financial contributions, have paid for hard costs of the events, designing and manufacturing the celebrity shirts. As we say “poco a poquito…”

Keeping Latin Culture Alive

Do you have a Hispanic tradition you would like to share with us? We always make tamales for Christmas! And yes, I asked Molly for her recipe of Mexican tamales and unfortunately it is a family recipe…

This inspiring Latina has been on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, was awarded in the Emerging Leader category from the San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for her leadership efforts in the Bay Area, and has been honored as “Woman Owned Business of the Year for San Rafael, CA” by “WIO” Women’s Initiative Organization.

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