Paper Mache Piñata

How to Make Your Paper Mache Pinata

How to Make Your Paper Mache Piñata

Planning on having a Mexican piñata in an upcoming party you’ll be hosting? You can purchase a piñata from local party stores and online stores or you can set off on an adventure of fun by making your paper mache pinata yourself.

As you can imagine, the piñata would be something in the shape of a star or a pineapple that holds candy, small toys and other goodies.

In Latin culture we hung it from a tree branch and children who are blindfolded take turns at swinging a stick on the pinata trying to break it.

Based on Hispanic origins, the piñata history started off as clay pots shaped in the figure of the Mayan gods or Aztec gods.

Pinatas signified a myriad of things depending on the ceremonies, occasions, and even the fillings. Today, they’re mainly used for fun and to add to the revelry and entertainment at gatherings, festivals and celebrations.

It’s not only kids and young people who have fun with piñatas at a party. Pinatas are also for company parties and gatherings for weddings, Christmas, etc. To know more about Mexican piñatas read this article.

How to Make Your Paper Mache Pinata

How to Make Your Paper Mache Pinata

Piñatas evolved over time and now they can be made out of paper mache. A great paper mache piñata for your party is very easy to make. Follow these simple directions and let your imagination fly when it is time to decorate it.

Making a Paper Mache Piñata


  • A stack of old newspapers
  • Two cups of water
  • White glue or papier mache paste
  • A large balloon
  • A mixing bowl
  • Paint
  • String
  • Glitters, beads, crepe paper, ribbons
  • Novelty toys
  • Candy (Hispanic piñata fillings or Mexican candy are best!)


1. You start making your paper mache piñata by preparing the newspapers. Cut the newspaper into one inch wide strips. You would need a lot of strips to make your paper mache piñata.

2. Mix the paste up for your piñata by stirring water in a large bowl with your paper mache paste.

3. You now have to blow your balloon up and tie off the end.

4. Dip one newspaper strip into the paper mache paste you made. Make sure that both sides of the strip are covered with paste.

5. Place the newspaper strips around the balloon until it’s covered. Leave the space where the balloon end is tied off free. You now have to set this aside until the first layer of newspaper dries.

6. You layer your paper mache piñata two to three more times with newspaper strips making sure that you dry each layer out before starting on the next layer.

7. You remove the air from the balloon or you can pop the balloon when all the newspaper layers have dried completely.

8. Decorate your piñata using the glitters, crepe paper, ribbons and beads. If you’re using paint, make sure you paint on your paper mache piñata first. Use Hispanic flags, bright colors or Latin patterns to give it a kick.

9. Add the string to hang the piñata and fill it with candy and small toys.

That is all you need to do. This is fairly simple and inexpensive and for sure children are going to love making this piñata. Involve your little ones and while showing them a piece of Hispanic culture.

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