Piñata Ideas

Pinata Ideas

After taking into consideration who the party is for or what kind of celebration you want, you can decide on what kind of games and entertainment to get for the party. One kind of game and entertainment that never goes out of style is the piñata game.

In Hispanic culture piñata breaking was a symbol of abundance, celebration, and the beginning of fun. Keep this in mind when you tailor fit your piñata and your piñata games to the party you’re hosting.

In Latin culture we break piñatas to celebrate birthdays, weddings, to enjoy in festivals and feasts, and also to celebrate religious events. You can include a piñata for your child’s birthday party, a company outing, a wedding, Christmas, graduation parties, etc.

Pinata Ideas

Piñata Ideas

Here are just a few piñata ideas you may find fun and different. You can go with the traditional way of making a piñata and using a piñata for Hispanic celebrations like Las Posadas Mexicanas at Christmas or use it the way Chinese people do, for New Year’s celebrations.

I also consider piñatas for celebrations like birthdays, baptisms, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter,

You can go with a more customary design of piñata like the pot, the pineapple shape or the star shape. You can even have a bit of fun with your children making the piñata together. If you are interested follow these instructions on how to make a paper mache piñata.

If you want to put a bit of originality and creativity into the piñata game, you can do so with piñata shapes like animals, your child’s favorite cartoon character or a shape that matches the party you’re throwing like an Easter egg for Easter, a reindeer for Christmas, a drum for the Fourth of July and so on.

Fun piñata Ideas

Don’t stop with the making, designing and decision making of what occasion to use it for. You can also get creative with what you put inside the piñata. You’re not limited to candy and treats. You can fill a children’s party piñata with small toys like Polly Pockets, Barbie doll clothes, toy jewelry, crayons, Play-Doh, stickers, Matchbox cars, bouncy balls, etc.

If you want to give your fiesta a Hispanic flair fill your piñata with typical candy. Not just any kind. There are fabulous Chocolates that come from Latin American countries like Mexico (where chocolate was a must) or Argentina, famous for its Bariloche white chocolate.

For non-edible items you can use valeros, matracas, wooden trompos, and so forth.

Here are some pinata ideas for adults. You can fill the piñata with little cards that have wishes along nuts and typical sweets from your country or origin. These little cards are handmade or you can print them in small sizes with sayings in Spanish like:

Una tonelada de amor para ti por el resto del año, que pronto encuentres la pareja de tu vida, que la suerte siempre te acompañe, que la salud nunca te falte, etc,. Instead of confetti you fill it with these positive saying that your guests will love.

For non-edible items, you can put votive candles, lotion, ribbons or typical items from your country of origin or from Latin America. Just make sure they are properly wrapped to avoid injury when they come down after breaking the piñata.

Believe it or not you can also have a piñata for a bachelorette party and I am sure all your friends are going to have lots of fun.

Here is a piñata idea, use rum candy, chocolates from Mexico or Venezuela, great wishes cards, and movie tickets (a couple of them will do the trick) for your friends to enjoy.

When you have a trick piñata, you can fill this with confetti and flour. So break open the fun and include a pinata at your party.

To know more about pinata history check out my page about it here go to piñata history.

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