Why Choosing a Princess Quinceañera Dress

Princess Quinceanera Dress

 Maybe a Perfect Choice

Quinceañera is a rite of passage for many Latinas. It is a beautiful celebration of a girl’s coming of age, which blends tradition and pop culture by allowing the girl to infuse the quince symbols with her own personal style and flair.

This special day requires tons of hours of preparation and planning, from the dress you will be wearing to the little details for your guests. A main piece of the puzzle is the dress and as of today, the princess style continues to take center stage.

Quinceañera gowns are just one of the many aspects of the quinceñera party that can blend old and new.Princess Style…The Perfect Choice?

The vestido tipo princesa is without a doubt the most popular style for quinces dresses, because it perfectly embodies the “princess for a day” theme of the party and looks perfect with the tiara most girls wear.

Technically a princess style dress is a derivation of the A style dress. The A line dress is a dress that is tight to your body and opens to the bottom as it lengthens. It can be starting to open from below the bust.

A princess line dress has emphasis on the bodice portion of the dress. It uses panels that show your shape alonglinear seaming.

Advantages of Wearing a Princess Style Dress

 Princess Quinceanera Dress

Princess Quinceañera Dress
by Mariana Martinis of Glyph Creative Studio in NY.

  • The most obvious advantage is the slimming effect because the linear panels it has. The linear panels simply take your eyes down in a vertical way slimming the figure of the quinceañera.
  • The seams of the dress also go vertically increasing the slimming effect.
  • It is flattering on most body types, see my vestidos de quinceanera page for an explanation of body types and how to find yours.
  • This style can help you hide the big Latina hips that are so prevalent in our body type.
  • It is timeless and elegant.
  • The long, full skirt flows gracefully during the traditional waltz dances that take place at the quinceñera party.

The strapless or corset top version of the princess dress is a favorite because it conveys a grownup look, and is revealing while still being modest and elegant. Paired with a wrap, it can work for both the mass and the party or reception. It also shows off necklaces very well.

Today’s Princess Quinceañera Dress

Princess style sweet fifteen dresses may be based on tradition, but they also leave a lot of room for modern touches.

The most common modern touch is the color. While pale pink and white are the most traditional colors, today many girls choose bright, vibrant colors or even patterned fabrics.

Patterns can change with fashion–recently, quinceañera dresses have been featuring trendy animal print fabrics for trim or decoration.

Adding embellishments like rhinestones, using a scalloped or asymmetrical hem, and mixing multiple fabrics on the dress are other ways to update and modernize the traditional princess quince dress.

Though the princess quinceanera dress may seem very different from what we’re used to, it is a beautiful style that flatters just about every figure.

A Bit of History About the Princess Quinceñera Dress

The most popular style of gown is the princess quinceañera dress. This style of dress hearkens back to the early days of quinceñera, when young ladies in Mexico made their debut into adult society at this event.

In the olden days in Mexico, the vestidos de quinceañera were always very formal. The style was to have a fitted bodice and a large, full, floor-length skirt.

The dress normally had long sleeves, but the neck and shoulders were left bare. This showed that the girl was now a young lady, because she could now wear this revealing, adult style of dress.

Today, the original style of the dress has evolved into the princess quinceñera dress. The princess style features a fitted bodice, which can be strapless, sleeveless, or short sleeved, plus a long, full skirt, which can be tiered or even have a small train.

There aren’t too many chances in a woman’s life to wear this style of dress, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity at your quinceañera!

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