Puerto Rico Facts

Puerto Rico facts was an interesting topic to research and an interesting piece to write and I hope that it will be an interesting article for you, the reader because Puerto Rico has a very rich history, geography and culture.

My main goal for this article was to come up with facts about the country that you would not normally know. Whether this incites a visit or simply further research into this archipelago country is entirely up to the reader but my hope is that it will motivate something inside you.

One of the more fun facts about Puerto Rico is that it boasts the world’s highest collection of bioluminescent waters.

What are bioluminescent waters? Well, in layman’s term, they are ocean waters that glow an ethereal blue. More technically, bioluminescent waters are the result of a gathering of dinoflagellates which are single-celled organisms that live in the ocean and have the bioluminescent ability to glow a bluish-green.

Some of the most astounding pictures of this natural phenomenon have been taken off the coasts of the Puerto Rican islands.

His Name is John?

Yes, or at least, his name was John. This is the motto of Puerto Rican and it comes from a Bible verse and more recently from the original name given to the archipelago that we know now as Puerto Rico, San Juan Bautista. For those who don’t know, Juan is the Spanish version of John. Hence the motto, “His Name is John.”

One of the more fun geographical facts about Puerto Rico (especially for those who live in the States and are use to a fluctuation in seasons and daylight hours) is that the country gets pretty much the same amount of sunlight all year round. Since the country is located so close to the equator, the sun sets at almost 7pm local time all year round.

Puerto Rico Facts

Puerto Rico Facts

Have you ever seen the James Bond movie GoldenEye? Do you remember the climax sequence when James is doing battle with the Bond villain on what looks like a giant antenna? That is actually the world’s largest radio telescope and it is located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico also served as the gateway to the Caribbean. It was discovered in 1493 and was claimed by Christopher Columbus for Spain and has one of the most frequented harbors in the Caribbean Sea. The Spanish resisted many invasion attempts by the French, Dutch and the British but today, if you are born in Puerto Rico, guess what? You are an American citizen!

Puerto Ricans first began migrating to the States (mainly New York in the mid-19th century but the country was still under Spanish rule. Then after the Spanish-American war, they were Puerto Rican Citizens. Today, Puerto Ricans are essentially Americans and can even run for office in the states.

Looking for more useful Puerto Rico facts?

Try these on for size: if you are thinking about traveling to the country you don’t need a passport just a valid ID like a driver’s license. You also have no need to exchange your US dollars because the national currency of Puerto Rico is the USD.

The national holiday of Puerto Rico falls on November 19th and is the day that it was discovered. There is much more to know about Puerto Rico facts in my Puerto Rican Holidays and festivals article.

Aside from these fun and interesting Puerto Rico facts, you may also find it useful to know that in Puerto Rico, the legal drinking age is 20 and the rum flows like water. Enjoy responsibly!

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