Quinceañera Flower Bouquet
How and Which One to Choose

Quinceanera Flower Bouque

Planning for your quinceañera? Expect to spend a lot of time thinking about flowers! Not only will you need a quinceanera flower bouquet to carry during your grand entrance; you will also need flowers for accents and decoration.

Types of Flower Bouquets for Quinceañeras

When choosing your flowers, you will of course want to ensure that their colors match your dress and your quince theme.

If you are having a traditional quince, choose elegant flowers in a predominantly white bouquet. If your quince theme is a little more modern, you can change it up a bit.

You can add feathers, sparkles, and bright ribbons to your quinceañera flower bouquet to really make it pop. The main thing to remember is that a quince bouquet should be relatively small and simple. It shouldn’t look like a wedding bouquet!

Fresh Flowers

Fresh roses are the most traditional choice for a quince bouquet. A small cluster of roses surrounded by white hydrangeas is especially popular. Often the roses are dyed to match the quinceanera’s dress.

Fresh roses can be expensive, but they look amazing and often have a wonderful aroma. Other popular fresh flowers include white lilies and Gerber daisies.

Quinceanera Flower Bouque

Quinceanera Flower Bouque

If you think fresh flowers are lovely but need some sparkle, you can dress them up in the popular style by adding a rhinestone to the center of each flower.

Preserved Flowers

If you like the look of fresh flowers, but want to keep your quince bouquet as a memento of your party, consider preserved flowers.

Preserved flowers are just fresh flowers that have been treated with a special chemical to keep them from wilting. If you keep them away from direct sun and excess humidity, they can last for years.

Silk Flowers

If your birthday falls in the winter, it may be difficult and expensive to find fresh flowers. Your options will certainly be limited by the types of flowers that are available during the winter months.

Using silk flowers will widen your options considerably. High quality silk flowers often look just as good as the real thing, and of course they last forever!

Crystal Flowers

Crystal bouquets have become very popular for quinceañeras in recent years. This type of bouquet doesn’t have any flowers at all! Instead, it consists of sparkly crystals mounted on flexible stems surrounded by a nest of curled ribbons. Sometimes the crystals are shaped like flowers or stars or accented with feathers.

No matter which type of quince bouquet you choose, make sure that you coordinate all your other flowers to match, including corsages and boutonnieres for the members of the honor court, table centerpieces, and other decorative floral accents.

Quinceanera Flower Bouquet Styles

Quinceanera Flower Bouquet Styles

Quinceanera Flower Bouquet Styles

Quinceanera Flower Bouquet Styles

Just remember one thing, your bouquet and flowers are just one piece of the whole quinceanera celebration. Now it is time for you to continue focusing on your quinceanera shoes, quinces gown, and quinceanera invites.

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