Quinceañera Hair Styles

Quinceanera Hair Styles

How to Choose According to Your Hair

Quinceañera is a once in a lifetime experience, so you want to make sure that everything looks and feels just right, from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head.

When considering different quinceanera hair styles, make sure that the style you choose matches your quinceañera dress, works with your hair type, and will stay in place easily.

The most popular hairstyles for quinceañera are also very traditional. This could be a simple bun, half bun, or french twist that looks very ladylike and reinforces the idea that the quinceañera is now considered a woman.

For a more modern take on these simple styles, you can make a messier bun with curled ends and leave some tendrils or small curls framing your face.

Your Type of Hair Dictates Your Hair Style

Curly Hair

If your hair is naturally curly, you will probably want to choose a style that allows curls to escape.  Curly hairstyles are better to go along a bohemian hair style.

Although flowing curls are beautiful, I wouldn’t recommend an air dry scrunch type. It is too casual for such a special day and it does not guarantee to totally remove frizz. Instead go for a hot iron roll. The frizziest hair will be under control and the curls will be silky looking.

Quinceanera Hair Styles - Curly Hair

Quinceanera Hair Styles – Curly Hair

Quinceañera Hair Styles – Straight and Long Hair

If your hair is straight and long go for a braid. This style is pretty popular in South America for quinceañeras.  Don’t think of the simple braid like farm girls wear, instead, think about a sophisticated braid that you can enhance with a flower.

We call these braids trenza tejida because it is weaved from the root of the hair. If your braid ends up being long then you can create a bun in the back which will make your hairdo more classic and sophisticated.

You can also wear your hair semi-loose and eleganlty like this girl in the picture below. Just placed to the side in a simple way. The enhancement is given by the head decoration.

Quinceanera Hair Styles for Short or Damaged Hair

If your hair is short, put your hair up in a half bun and then use hair extensions to get long, luxuriant princess-like curls below. Extensions are becoming pretty popular because they allow you to give more volume, length and style to your hair with an easy fix for a day.

I recommend you to use the natural 100% hair extensions which are a bit more expensive than the synthetic ones but well worth the extra money.  The advantages of the human hair extensions is their versatility as you can do anything to them like you would do to your normal hair.

On the contrary, synthetic hair extensions need particular care since high temperate can cause damage, and to style the extensions you may need special tools.

Quinceanera Hair Styles

Quinceanera Hair Styles

There are kits available for “do it yourself” hair extensions and you can simply buy the extensions online.  I recommend you finding a professional to either do the extensions for you or to guide you through the process. Remember you don’t want to ruin your special day.

Many hair extensions come decorated with feathers, beads and laces. You can use these to match your quinceañera theme or to simply enhance your image.

Hair Accessories for Your Quinceanera Hair?

Quinceañera Hair Styles - Straight and Long Hair

Quinceañera Hair Styles – Straight and Long Hair

When it comes to matching your dress, most people immediately think of colored hair accessories. While it is important to match the color of the dress, you also have to match the style of the dress.

If your dress is covered with embellishments, you might want to choose quinceanera hair styles that are similarly busy and filled with curls, clips, and gems, while a more plain dress might look better with simple, sleek hair and just a few well-placed accessories.

The most popular quinceañera hair accessory is a tiara. Most girls love this accessory because it makes them feel like a princess for a day.

It’s important to select quinceanera hair styles that create a good foundation for the tiara. Typically, this will be some sort of updo with hair piled on top of your head, so that the tiara is silhouetted against the hair.

If a tiara is too showy for you, you can achieve a similar effect by framing your updo with a fancy braid that will subtly mimic the look of a tiara.

No matter how you choose to do your hair for quinceañera, make sure that you can move and especially dance comfortably.

Use enough pins and hairspray or gel to make sure that your hair and accessories stay in place and look great all night long.

Quinceanera Hair Style Inspirations

Quinceanera Hair Style Inspirations

Quinceanera Hair Style Inspirations

Quinceanera Hair Style Inspirations

Quinceanera Hair Style Inspirations

The hair style you choose should flow seamlessly with your quinceanera shoes, quinces gown, party theme and quinceanera invites. it is all a process. Try to start early your preparations to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Our Quinceañera photographs come from Mariana Martinis a professional photographer and Hispanic entrepreneur owner of Glyph Creative Studio in NY. She is the winner of the prestigious WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2012 for Photography and Videography.

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