Quinceañera Invitations

Plan Ahead with Our Guide for Your Quince Invites

Before you even start thinking about quinceañera invitations, you need to figure out all the details of your event. Ask yourself these basic questions:

  • Where and when will the mass and the party take place?
  • How many people can you invite?
  • What are your party colors?
  • What color will your dress be?
  • Will there be a theme for the decorations (like butterflies, hearts, roses, etc)?

Once you know all of this, you can begin to compose the text and create the design of your quinceañera invitations.

Text in Your Quinceañera Invitations

There are two main ways of composing a quince invitation. The most common way is to have the parents extend the invitation, for example:

  • “José & Ana López request the honor of your presence at the quinceañera of their daughter, Elizabeth Lopez…”
  • The other option is for the quinceañera to invite the guests, for example:
  • “I, Elizabeth Lopez, request the honor of your presence at my quinceañera, hosted by my parents Jose & Ana Lopez…”

This second way of writing the quince invitations reinforces the idea of a girl becoming an adult, because she is responsible for inviting the guests herself. However, the parents’ names should still appear on the invitation as a sign of respect.

Quinceañera Invitation Styles


Quinceanera Invitations

Quinceanera Invitations

Quince Invites Design

Quinceañera invitations come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. To narrow it down, you should choose a design that matches your party theme, colors and even dress design. Believe it or not, many quinceañeras plan their party around their vestido de quinceanera.

The invites should also reflect the level of formality at your quinceañera. If your party is fun and informal, you can choose bright colors, bold designs, and fun fonts.

Many quinceañera parties are planned around tradition, and learning more about the quinceañera history can help you plan and decide what you want to incorporate in your invitations.

If your party will be more formal, you should choose a more delicate or elegant invitation with cursive script.




Using Your Photo in Your Quinceañera Invitations

A photo of the quinceañera is a must for all quince invites. You can use an informal snapshot or a formal studio portrait, depending on what kind of style and mood you want to create for the party.

If you are really organized, you can buy your quince dress early and have the photos for your invites taken in the dress. This will allow your quince invite to double as a beautiful keepsake for your guests.

Choosing Quinceañera Premade Invitations

You can find tons of premade invitations online. All you have to do is type in your personalized info (name, date, mass location, party venue) and upload your photos. The premade invites on the left are bold, simple and modern. The style is clean and jovial, more playful I would say. Stevie Designs invites go along very well with Quineañeras because of his fresh designs. You can change the colors of the paper and the design elements and also choose whichever font you like.

Premade invitations start at about $1.75 each. When you buy your invitations, be sure to check what is included in the package. You will want matching envelopes, as well as RVSP postcards so that it’s easy for your guests to respond. Beware of square or oversize envelopes! They actually cost more to mail than regular envelopes.

Handmade Quinceañera Invitations

If you want to add a more personalized touch to your quinceañera invitations, you can try making your own. If you want to do this, I advise getting the text printed up on nice cardstock at your local print shop. Then, you can easily insert the text sheet into your handmade card.

Remember however, that making your invites or commissioning them to an expert takes time and in many cases a good chunk of money.

Be practical, some of the best invites come from premade ones that use handmade paper like the ones from Kathys designs. These invites on the left are more romantic and elegant, still beautiful and seductive.

You can decorate your card with fancy paper, ribbon, flowers, or anything else that matches your party theme.

One popular handmade design is to fold fancy patterned paper into a sleeve around your text sheet and tie it with a wide ribbon. You can attach little charms to the ribbon too.

How About Using Magnets…

For a more bold and modern invite think about magnet invitations. Personally, I am a huge fan of magnet invitations. They are incredibly convenient for your guests. All the guest has to do is stick the magnet on the fridge and they will be reminded that your quince is coming up every time they go in the kitchen.

Where to order your magnet invites? Most print shops can make high quality magnet invitations that look every bit as good as paper ones.

Are Websites a Must?

In today’s digital world many young quinceañeras are web savvy, therefore creating a website for your celebration is becoming important.

Similar to a wedding website, a quinces website can be a great way to provide extra information such as directions to your guests.

Using a website also gives you a little more flexibility in planning the party, because it allows you to send paper invites before you’ve finalized the exact time or venue of the party. After the party, the website will come in handy for sharing photos.

As you can see there are several ways to attack the invitations portion of your quinceañera invitations. Overall a website and paper invitations are an excellent way to get the job well done however, there is more than one way.

No matter what your choice is, be sure it reflects your personality and style!

Quinceañera Invitations Styles

Quinceanera Invitations Styles

Quinceañera Invitations Styles

Quinceanera Invitations Styles

Quinceañera Invitations Styles

Quinceañera Invitations Styles

Quinceañera Invitations Styles

Our Quinceañera photographs come from Mariana Martinis a professional photographer and Hispanic entrepreneur owner of Glyph Creative Studio in NY. She is the winner of the prestigious WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2012 for Photography and Videography.

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