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Mom and Quinceañera – Special Photo

This special day will be over before you know it, so be sure to take plenty of quinceañera photos to document every detail for posterity.

After spending months and months planning and preparing for your quinceañera, the actual event will probably seem to fly past in the blink of an eye!

One little personal story here. While growing up in Colombia my parents threw a small quinceañera party in my honor. I only had 50 guests and it was at my house. Even though my quinces were quite simple and intimate, the memories stayed in my mind forever, in part because of the photographs. Best of all, I have the pictures that bring such nice memories of my family. The moral is to pay very close attention to your pictures.

You may feel tempted to save some money by having a friend or family member take the photos, but bear in mind that photography is about much more than just pushing the button on a digital camera.

Three Attributes to Look for in Your quinceañera Photographer

Many people are good aficionados, however, there are more attributes you should look for when hiring a photographer than just snapping abutton. Here are some:

  • Your photographer should help you choose the best lighting. I have seen many pictures ruined with shadows. Pictures that simply don’t capture the special feelings of the moments, yet they have all the customary pictures for this day.Make sure you familiarize yourself with overexposure (too much light) and underexposure (not enough light) to spot a good photographer after assessing her picture work.
    Make sure you see the photographer’s work at different times of the day. Does she use the light to the quinceañera’s advantage?
  • An excellent photographer helps you with the best compositions, and the best poses for your photos.The perfect photographer must be an expert as directing you to the places that would make the best works of art. Remember that composition takes into consideration objects within a frame and surroundings along with people.She should be aware of your best angle by looking at your features, height, type of body, etc.
  • The third most important characteristic in a good photographer is to check for flatness in her pictures. This is simply when the photos don’t have depth and the vitality of the picture is gone.Details go a long way to create perfect pictures and that is what a photographer who manages flatness does.

A professional photographer will bring expertise in these areas and more, making sure that your quince photos present you and your event in the most flattering and artistic way.

Unlike a guest who may neglect the picture-taking duties in order to participate in the party, a professional photographer will be 100 percent focused on photos the entire time.

When choosing a professional photographer, review his or her portfolio specifically on quinceañera photos to make sure you like the style.

You want a photographer that does event photography and portraits equally well, because you will need both types of photos done for your album.

Ask the photographer what kinds of packages are available. Most photographers work on an hourly rate and offer a combination of digital and printed photos. Some will give you a discount if you hire them for both the event and the studio shoot for your formal portrait.

Some photographers may even create a quinces album for you, although in my opinion, it’s much more fun to do this yourself. That way you can make sure the album matches the theme and decor of the party perfectly.

To make your album detailed you can include little mementos like dried flowers, invitations, or cápias in your scrapbook style album.

A lot of your quinceañera party budget will be dedicated to things that last just one night like the food, the cake, the venue rental, the musicians. But if you are willing to hire a professional photographer, you can make all these things last a lifetime through beautiful quinceañera photos. Isn’t it worth spending a little extra to do this?

Quinceañera Photo Styles

Quinceañera Dress

Quinceañera Photos

Our Quinceañera photographs come from Mariana Martinis a professional photographer and Hispanic entrepreneur owner of Glyph Creative Studio in NY. She is the winner of the prestigious WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2012 for Photography and Videography.


  1. I’d like to take quince pictures however I’m trying to figure what is a reasonable price for good pictures.

    • Marcela Hede says:

      Deanna, I am not familiar with how much a photographer can charge when doing a quinces job. Just keep in mind the photographer is normally in charge of taking about 300 pictures in total. From those, the Quinces girl chooses about 40 or 50.

      My suggestion is to contact several photographers in your area, and get a general quote. That can give you an idea of how much you can start charging. Choose more than three photographers for quiceañeras to have a better idea. Also, consider their experience, then location, what they offer in each package, and of course the methods of payment.

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