Choosing the Perfect Quinceañera Shoes

Every woman knows that shoes can make or break an outfit.

However, you might think that your quinces shoes won’t have such a big impact, since the hem of your princess style quince gown will mostly cover them up.  The truth is, shoes play a big part in the quinceañera party, thanks to the tradition of changing shoes.

At the start of the party, the quinceañera’s father swaps the girlish flats that she wore to mass for elegant, ladylike high heels. This is just one of many traditions and rituals that symbolize the quinceañera’s transition into womanhood.

So you can see that you will actually need to pick out two pairs of quinceañera shoes for the party– one pair of flats and one pair of heels.

Choosing Your Perfect Quinceañera Shoes

Quinceanera Shoes
Your shoes for this day should be representative of your personality and theme. Changing the shoes is undeniably one of the most important quinceañera traditions.

There are four main things to consider: color, style, comfort and price.  Each aspect is important and unless you have unlimited funds the other three are a must. Yes, I am not exaggerating.

Guests are going to notice your shoes and how they go along with not only your dress but also the theme of the party.


Obviously, the color of your quince dress will play a huge role in determining the color of your shoes.

If you have a white dress, your shoes may be an opportunity to add an unexpected splash of color. Of course, you can also go with a traditional and elegant white shoe.

For colorful vestidos de quinceañera you should consider shoes in metallic shades. Gold, pale gold, silver, and even copper tones will complement many dress colors nicely. Plus, strappy metallic shoes can even look like jewelry for your feet!

Another option is a clear Cinderella-style shoe. This “glass slipper” will really add to the princess for a day feel of your quinceañera party, and since it is clear it goes with any dress.


The main way to show your style in the flats is through embellishments. Flats can be adorned with bows, rhinestones, and embroidery.

In general, the flats should be fairly conservative, because you will wear them to the thanksgiving mass.

When choosing your heels, you have a much bigger range of styles to choose from. You might choose pumps, wedges, strappy heeled sandals, or even stilettos.

You can pretty much choose any style as long as it looks elegant. However, beware of extremely high heels, because they might make the hem of your dress hit too high on your foot.

It is also helpful if the shoe is easy to put on, since your father will have to do that at the party.


At your quinceañera party, you will do a lot of dancing! Make sure that the quinceañera shoes you choose are comfortable enough to dance in.

You don’t want your quince party to end up looking like a school dance, with all the girls running around barefoot!

Be sure to practice your dances in your new shoes, both to break in the shoes and to make sure you have good balance and are comfortable in them.


Everyone hates to think about it, but you do have to stick to a budget when shopping for quinceañera accessories.

I’d advise you to set one budget for both pairs of quinceanera shoes. That way, if you find an expensive pair of heels that you just love, you can compensate by getting a less expensive pair of flats and still stay on budget.

Our Quinceañera photographs come from Mariana Martinis a professional photographer and Hispanic entrepreneur owner of Glyph Creative Studio in NY. She is the winner of the prestigious WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2012 forPhotography and Videography.

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