Quinceañera Tradition

Meaning and Resources to Throw a Unique Quinceañera

What is a Quinceañera

Quinceanera Traditions

Puzzled to know what Is a Quinceañera? No longer you have to guess. Here I explain the meaning of this magical celebration very popular in Latin America, especially in Mexico, and its two main sections along with their significance.

Quinceañera Traditions

Quinceanera Traditions

Planning your Quinces? Follow these Quinceañera traditions to make sure your celebration is unforgettable. Each tradition has a meaning and a reason making your especial day more memorable when you introduce them.

Vestidos de Quinceañera or Qinceañera Gowns

Vestidos de Quinceanera

What about Quinceañera gowns? you may ask. What do I wear, what styles are the best and how about colors? Here is a simple guide and a wonderful selection of dresses for quinceanera.

Strapless Quinceañera Dresses Selection

Strapless Quinceanera Dress

Why wear a strapless quinceañera dress? Is it because of fashion or because of style? Many will argue both. Today wearing strapless a quinceañera dress is very stylish and versatile. The choices abound and the quinceañera tradition can be carried with lots more pizzaz.

Quinceañera History

Quinceanera History

Many people want to know what is the Quinceañera history, and with good reason. This tradition takes center stage in many Latino households in the US and Latin America. Families allocate a good chunk of money to make sure their precious young lady has a well deserved quinces party.

Quinceañera Shoes

Quinceanera Shoes

No outfit for the quinces party is complete without the prefect shoes. Finding the perfect Quinceañera shoes is very important because of the typical Latin tradition of the young lady giving up her flats for high hills.

Quinceañera Flower Bouquet

Quinceanera Flower Bouquets

What type of Quinceañera flower bouquets do I recommend? Check the choices you have. There are flower bouquets from traditional to modern. It all goes with the theme of your party. You may decide to make a funky one. Today Quinceañeras in the U.S. are more adventurous in choices. Tips and ideas to choose wisely.

Quinceañera Invitations

Quinceanera Invitations

Planning your Quinceanera encompasses choosing your Quinceañera invitations. There are many ideas and styles to choose from. Here I show you how to plan your invitation, what to include, what to say and ideas with touches that make them unique.

Princess Quinceañera Dress

Princess Quinceanera Dress

Along the quinceañera tradition goes the princess Quinceañera dress. It is the most popular style and with good reason. This is a classic style that favorites many types of bodies and hide many imperfections. Also it has a magical feeling that evokes mystical and magical stories making this day a very special one.

Quinceañera Photos

Quinceanera Photos

After spending months and months planning and preparing for your quinceañera, the actual event will probably seem to fly past in the blink of an eye! This special day will be over before you know it, so be sure to take plenty of quinceanera photos to document every detail for posterity.

Quinceañera Cakes

Another important piece of the party is the cake. There are many Quinceañera cakes to choose from. Traditionally we have Choosing Your Quinceañera Cakebizcocho negro in Colombia, torta or ponqué in other Latin American countries. Here you will find the different choices you have to decide the appropriate one for your quinces.

Quinceañera Hairstyles

Quinceanera Photos

Without a doubt the Quinceañera hair styles available today are very varied. This is one of the most important decisions. You will be in every picture with it! How to choose a hairstyle according to your type of hair.

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