Top Quinceañera Traditions

Trying to plan a quinceañera party but unsure where to start or which quinceañera traditions to include?

Top 5 Quinceañera Traditions

These five Mexican quinceañera traditions form the heart and soul of any quinceañera party. Integrate them into your own celebration however you see fit.  As long as you get the spirit behind these traditions right, your party will be a success!

Quinceañera Mass


Attending a Catholic mass is one of the most traditional parts of the quinceañera celebration.  The young lady kneels in a special place at the foot of the altar during this special mass of thanksgiving.

At the close of the mass, her mother typically gives her a crown and a scepter, representing the fact that while she will always be a princess in the eyes of God and of her family, she now bears adult responsibility.

The young lady’s godparents will typically give her a rosary or a trinket representing the Virgin of Guadalupe to mark the occasion.  She may also receive a ring or a bracelet representing the circle of life.

Honor Court

Quinceanera traditions dictate that an honor court made up of the quinceañera’s young friends and relatives accompany her during the celebration.

The court can contain either 14 couples or 14 individuals -either way the total including the quinceañera reaches 15.  The young ladies of the court are known as “damas” and their escorts are the “chambelanes”.

The honor court will participate in choreographed dancing with the quinceañera and reinforce the idea of her as a princess for the day.

The First Dance

According to quinceañera history, Mexican girls could not dance in public until they turned 15.  By sharing a dance with his daughter at the beginning of the quinceañera party, the girl’s father shows the community that he is ready to let his little girl enter society as a woman.

Changing Shoes

This charming ritual usually takes place after the first dance, though some families perform it at the church.  The quinceañera’s father slips off her childish flat shoes or slippers and replaces them with high heels more befitting a young lady. Read more about choosing the perfect quinceañera shoes. Tips and ideas on how to do so perfectly.

The Last Doll

The last doll serves as yet another reminder that the young girl has become a woman.  When offered the doll, the girl should reject it as a plaything and keep it only as a memento of her special day.

Sometimes small “capias” or ribbons with the quinceañera’s name and party date on them are pinned to the doll. The quinceañera circulates with the doll, giving each guest their capia and thanking them for coming to her party.

These ceremonial quinceañera traditions are really just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more traditional aspects of the event, including what color and style of dress to wear, how much makeup to use, and what kinds of trinkets or favors to give the guests.

Remember, a quinceañera party should reflect the personality of the birthday girl, so don’t be afraid to let her customize it!

Your Quinceañera Dress

Ready to choose your quinceañera dress? Even if you are not, visiting the sections vestidos de quinceañera, the strapless quinceañera dress, and the princess quinceañera dress are a logical start. Choose the style and design to suit your skin tone, budget and style.

Start planning now! Take advantage of time and make sure you blend your Hispanic traditions to make this day memorable.

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