Retiring in Ecuador

Retiring in Ecuador

Why retiring in Ecuador?  Because when one thinks of the phrase “golden years” I believe it would be safe to assume that no one conjures up the image of being huddled under a thick blanket, shivering in the cold. Not that anyone spends the twilight years of their life intentionally staving off freezing temperatures but I think that the “golden years” of one’s life should be spent in a golden climate.

For those who agree with me, they should know about retiring in Ecuador and the many benefits it holds for senior Americans. Ecuador retirement living for Americans can be pretty cushy but there are some important things to keep in mind.  It is not all cheap living and sunshine.

Retiring in Ecuador Pros and Cons

Since I am the kind of person who prefers to be hit with bad news first and good news (if there is any) later to act as a salve, I will begin with a few of the cons that go a long with retiring in Ecuador.

First of all do not be fooled into thinking Ecuador is like Cancun where almost everybody speaks English and there are a lot of familiar sites to remind you of America.

If you are thinking of retiring or living in Ecuador, always bear in mind that you are moving to a truly South American country. English is not the first language and while it is a beautiful, culturally rich and fast developing country, there will be very little to see on a daily basis that reminds you of home.

Secondly, not everywhere in Ecuador is a great place to retire.  If you plan to retreat to Cuenca which many people do, diligently search out a place congenial to your lifestyle.  Some areas of Cuenca can be very congested with traffic, noisy and “urban-smelling.”

Retiring in Ecuador

Retiring in Ecuador

Now that we have the bad stuff out of the way here are a bunch of reasons to retire in Ecuador:

It’s cheap!  All of the rumors you have heard about living comfortably in Ecuador on a retiree’s budget is true.

It’s gorgeous.  Not far from Ecuador is the Amazon rainforest and the Galapagos islands which boasts some of the most breathtaking natural sceneries in the world.

It has a great culture.  It is easy for even an expat to get assimilated in Ecuador because the locals are friendly and there is much music, food and culture to immerse one’s self in.

The weather is great.  Did you know that the average temperature near inland Ecuador is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit?  We’re talking about year round too, not just the summer and spring months.

Cuenca Ecuador is bog but it’s not too big.  In other words, if you opt for Cuenca, Ecuador as your retirement destination you will not be bored in a year or two because there is enough to explore in a long-term sense.  On the other hand it is compact enough that you can see and do everything without much of a transportation hassle.

Stylish Retirement Living

Retiring in Ecuador has become such an attractive notion for Americans because almost every detail of it seems tailor-made for us.  They use the American dollar, there is an established expat community there and there are easy real-estate options available for retirees.

From the popular images of walking on the beach drenched in warm sunlight to the lesser considered aspects that the transition to Ecuador is easy, there are few foreign countries that present a better argument as a retirement destination.  For more info on South American countries and travel, check out the section of Travel to South America.

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