Spanish Alphabet Song

El Alfabeto

There are many alphabet songs in Spanish. Some more traditional than others like the one Jose Luis Orozco, one the best-known bilingual children’s singer sings. The one you choose depends on what you want to introduce based on your audience.

Think of modern alphabet songs for older children who may be familiar with the tune or fast rythm of the songs.

When choosing a Spanish alphabet song to teach either your children/class think about:

  • How exposed are the children to Spanish, the more exposure the easier it is to learn the pronunciation from a faster song.
  • If you expose your children to Spanish regularly, try several alphabet songs and mix them during the day. Don’t teach just one song thinking you may confuse your children.
  • If your children are not exposed to Spanish on a regular basis, I recommend using the traditional ABC tune mixing it with the Spanish pronunciation. See the guide below.

Pronunciation Guide of Letters in English and Spanish

Pronunciation – El Alfabeto Español
a = [ah] (a)b = [bey] (be)c = [seh] (ce)ch = [cheh] (che)d = [deh] (de)e = [eh] (e)

f = [ehfeh] (efe)

g = [*] (ge)

h = [ahcheh] (ache)

i = [ee] (i)

j = [houtah] (jota)k = [kah] (ka)l = [ele] (ele)ll = [ehyeh] (elle)m = [eme] (eme)n = [ene] (ene)

ñ = [*] (en~e)

o = [au] (o)

p = [peh] (pe)

q = [ku] (cu)

r = [*] (ere)s = [esse] (ese)t = [teh] (te)u = [oo] (u)v = [veh] (ve)w = [veh doe-bleh]

(ve doble)

x = [eh kis]

y = [ee griegah] (i griega)

z = [zeh tah] (zeta)

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