Spanish Christmas Songs

"Children Singing Villancicos"

When there’s a holiday and there’s merriment and enjoyment, you can be almost sure to find singing and dancing. In Hispanic culture no matter if you’re celebrating the feast of a certain saint or Christmas itself, there are songs we sing to commemorate the day and increase the happiness in the crowd.

Just as it is with Christmas songs in the United States or Christmas songs in the United Kingdom, there are also Christmas songs in Spain and Hispanic America, and we sing them in Spanish of course.

One of the reasons for this Christmas songs in my opinion, is the dominance of the Catholic Church in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries where Christmas is a major celebration.

The majority of Spanish Christmas songs are rooted in religious stories which talk about Catholic themes of the holiday. One of the best ways to make Christmas come alive in Spain and in Spanish speaking countries is with Spanish Christmas Songs.

"Children Singing Villancicos"

“Children Singing Villancicos”
by fotosdeloria

One of the most popular canciones de navidad or Christmas carol is Los Peces en El Rio. This song speaks about fishes in the river and their excitement over the birth of Jesus and how the Virgin Mary goes about the day with her chores.

The song starts by talking about the Virgin Mary combing her hair. Her hair is described to be that of gold and she uses a silver comb to fix her hair. The chorus of this Hispanic song then talks about the fishes and how they “drink” to see God born. It then continues on to the next stanza where the Virgin Mary washes diapers for baby Jesus and hangs them on rosemary. The birds sing just as the rosemary starts flowering.

The third stanza of this song then talks about the Virgin washing herself with soap and that her hands have been irritated. That’s how the song goes when it’s loosely translated into English.

But when you think about the English interpretation, it speaks mainly about the Virgin getting ready and preparing for a day with baby Jesus. She combs her precious hair and gives thanks for baby Jesus as she cannot understand why she was chosen as the mother of the son of God.

Spanish Christmas songs are very important in Hispanic Christmas because they tie the entire holiday. If you ask, many Hispanics would admit to having a typical CD of Villancicos de Navidad that we play throughout the season. Starting at the time when we make the Christmas tree.

Who has not heard of El Tuqui, Tuqui, El Tamborilero, Noche de Paz, Vamos Pastores Vamos, Zagalillos, etc? These are true Hispanic Christmas songs that reminds us of our Navidades growing up in family.

Popular Spanish Christmas Songs

Mi Burrito Sabanero
Campana Sobre Campana
Popurri de Navidad By Los Toribianitos
Los Doce Dias de Navidad. This page comes with a free PDF activity for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Other Christmas songs in Spanish are not only related to religion. Many talk about traditions during the holiday, like dancing, partying, drinking, ending the old year, etc. They may be classics that we all play to celebrate while cooking our Hispanics Christmas foods like arroz con pollo or roasted the pig.

One thing is for sure, once Christmas starts Hispanics have to have Spanish Christmas songs to play along. They are part of our celebrations and show how much we enjoy music overall.

If you would like to know more about Christmas songs in Spanish visit this wonderful site about Guatemala, where Benjamin shows you lyrics of some of the best Christmas carols in Spanish.

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