Spanish Learning Songs

Canciones Infantiles

Trying to teach your children some Spanish? Living in a bilingual or bicultural  family? Wishing your bundle of joy learns Spanish easy and fast? Or maybe you just want to pass down your Hispanic culture to your offspring?

Start by using well known Spanish learning songs or canciones infantiles. Maybe you remember them from childhood. Maybe you want to start the tradition of passing them down to your children.

Whatever your reason, here you have some of the most beloved lyrics of children’s songs in Spanish, and sometines in both Spanish and English to help you start your journey.

El Abecedario – Spanish Alphabet Songs

Alfabeto Español – Spanish Alphabet 1
Spanish Vowels – Vocales en Español

Los Números – Learn Numbers in Spanish

Numbers in Spanish – Números en Español- Dos Elefantes Song

Los Colores – Colors in Spanish

Colors in Spanish

Foods – Drinks – Animals

Arroz con Leche
La Granja de Mi Tío – Old McDonald in Spanish

Traditional Hispanic Songs

Los Pollitos – Baby Chicks
Happy Birthday Song in Spanish
De Colores – Of Colors
Pin Pón
La Serpiente de Tierra Caliente

Villancicos de Navidad – Canciones de Navidad

Spanish Christmas Songs learn what they are, their meaning and importance in Hispanic culture.

Mi Burrito Sabanero
Campana Sobre Campana
Popurrí de Navidad- Los Toribianitos
Los Doce Días de Navidad This page comes with a free PDF activity for the 12 Days of Christmas.

I can not say enough about the advantages of teaching and learning Spanish through music.  You probably have noticed how Spanish linguistic patterns are different from those in English, and how many times we hear people saying “In Spanish you say things backwards.”

Spanish songs lyrics help our children retain grammatical structures and vocabulary much better  than many other traditional methods of teaching Spanish do.

The learning process becomes much easier when you attach words to beautiful music, and in many cases learners don’t notice the process.

Think about it, who doesn’t like music? The natural response when introducing songs to children is for them to be interested. Mix singing with dancing and movement to get the greatest results.

A little bit of preparation goes a long way. I frequently recommend mothers to think about what their little one is experiencing now in his life to match it with songs.

If you know you are going to the petting zoo introduce an animal song that teaches the names of farm animals. When you get to the place, sing the song, that’s right, sing the song with your little one. He will love it! Mine did.

There is always a chance to enjoy music while we learn, just look around and see the simplest things in every day life like meal time, counting while in the car, or simply dancing to the rhythm of a nice Spanish song as an opportunity to give your child the extra edge of being a bilingual one!

Learning How to Speak Spanish Yourself?

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It is very straight forward and easy to follow. It clarifies what you need to know before you choose what method or approach you should follow based on your personal characteristics and personal situation.

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