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Why Study at a Spanish School in Valencia Spain
What to Expect

Did you know that Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, and serves as an official language in 21 countries?

Learning Spanish can really open up the world to you, whether it be for travel, for business, for connecting with your roots, or for communicating with your neighbors.

No matter what your current level of Spanish is, attending a Spanish school in Valencia, Spain will be a fun and rewarding experience.

Why Study Spanish in Valencia Spain

Palacio de las Artes Reina Sofia Valencia EspañaA friend of a good friend decided to study in a Spanish School in Valencia, Spain. I am very curious and decided to ask him the reasons behind Mike’s decision, knowing he loves Latin American countries more than Spain.

Long story short he shared with me that when you learn Spanish in Valencia, you will find yourself immersed in the culture and nightlife of one of Spain’s most popular cities.

The third largest city in Spain, Valencia is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, pleasant climate, huge historic center that mixes many cool styles of architecture, and easy access to Mediterranean beaches.

Though the city is by no means a “beach town,” you can easily reach several beaches using public transportation. And thanks to the warm climate you can swim 8 months out of the year!

Because Valencia is home to two Universities and nearly 100,000 students, when you study at a Spanish school in Valencia you find a very vibrant nightlife. There are many bars, cafes, and clubs where students hang out.

Valencia is a very popular destination for study abroad, which is great because that means you will have a community of fellow language students to practice your Spanish with.

One advice is to beware of falling into the trap of speaking English or another common language with your international student friends. If you can commit to speaking Spanish only, your language skills will improve much faster.

If you happen to attend a Spanish school in Valencia during March, don’t miss the famous Falles festival, during which local neighborhoods build elaborate papier-maché models, march in parades, shoot off tons of fireworks, and then burn the models on the last night of the festival. You can visit the Falles Museum year round.

Choosing a Spanish School in Valencia

When it comes to choosing among the many language schools in Valencia, bear in mind that you need to pick the school that best suits your learning style.

If you are not very self-motivated, you might want to pick one of the schools that uses weekly tests to keep you on track.

If you want to interact with locals, you could study at Valencia’s University language schools rather than at a private school. That way, you will be on campus and have a chance to hang out with local students.

Private lessons will also be available in Valencia. This would be a good option if you are pressed for time or have a specific type of Spanish you need to learn, like medical Spanish or business Spanish.

One of the best choices to learn Spanish in Valencia, Spain is to study at don Quijote Valencia. Request a 2012 don Quijote Spanish brochure that includes don Quijote Valencia, but…Don’t take my word for it, go check the options, advantages and read all the information about don Quijote Valencia.

Special Language Tip While Studying in Valencia Spain

One thing to be aware of when deciding to attend Spanish school in Valencia is the fact that many people here speak a local Catalan dialect called Valencian.

Typically, street signs and public notices will be in Valencian, with a Spanish translation.

Though Valencian is taught in school and supported by the local government, you will find that everyone is perfectly happy to speak Spanish with you, and the presence of Valencian will not interfere with your language learning experience.

Other Options…
Study Spanish in Latin America

To choose from many available courses and to know more about the facilities check out where to Study Spanish in Latin America. Here you can choose the countries, type of courses, intensity, and more.

Remember in the first place what type of Spanish you want to learn, then whow much time you have, third choose your budget and lastly choose the destination and intensity!

Want to Complement With Best Spanish Learning Software?
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Wanting to complement your Spanish learning adventure by learning Spanish ahead or after coming back? Check out my top 2 recommendations for Spanish learning software. I tested them myself and remember, I am a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, which has one of the best Spanish you can find in South America!


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