Spanish Speaking Countries

Many people today in the U.S. want to know more about Spanish speaking countries around the world. I guess Americans are finding more and more Spanish everywhere they go, and this has brought a great deal of curiosity and desire from many parents to teach their children about this beautiful language of ours.

In the same way that English is the first language for many people in the world today, Spanish also had its heyday during the medieval times when Spain was the mighty conqueror of both the east and western hemisphere.

Although Spanish is no longer the primary language of instruction of the world today, it is still spoken by a great number of people.

There are a good number of countries that speak Spanish scattered all over the world in Europe, Africa and many parts of the Americas.

Although Spanish speaking countries belong to different continents with unique cultures, they have one unifying factor, their language.

There is only one country that has Spanish as its official language in Europe and that’s Spain. If you want to immerse yourself in Hispanic culture by taking a trip to Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Pamplona, you’ve got to brush up a little bit of your Spanish since not too many locals speak English or any other languages for that matter.

If you’re going to Africa, Spanish lessons can still be put to use when you go visit Equatorial Guinea especially in Malabo. Their first language is Spanish and you can make wonderful memories on this African country if you know how to speak the language.

In the Caribbean, there are three Spanish speaking countries. They are Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

The Americas is the continent that has the highest number of countries that have Spanish as their primary language.

The Americas can be divided into three regions, North America, Central America, and South America. In the north, there’s only one country that is officially a Spanish speaking one, and that’s Mexico.

spanish-speaking-countriesIn the central part, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama are all Spanish speaking also.

South America clearly has the most number of people and countries speaking Spanish as their first language. It includes Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.


Also, scattered all over the world are tiny Spanish communities who are descendants of the officers and soldiers of the Spanish empire during the 15th to 18th centuries.

These officers and soldiers went on to marry locals and although many generations have passed, families with Spanish descent still carry their Hispanic heritage which can be seen on the way they dress and the food they eat.

In the United States, the largest ethnic group of migrants are Hispanics. In almost every turn you make, you can find something that has Hispanic origin especially on the states near the Mexican borders.

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