Spanish Vowels

Las Vocales

This Spanish vowels song was a favorite one when growing up, and as a matter of fact, I still teach it to many Kindergarten children who love the rhythm and sound of it.

This song is a simple way to introduce little ones to the sounds and shapes of the vowels (if you show the video).

When our son Ian was learning the alphabet, I made a special effort to teach him first the vowels because a, e, i, o and u sound always the same regardless of where they are placed in the word or the letters that accompany them. They are the easiest!

Tips for Teaching Vowels & Words in Spanish

  • The name of each vowel is the same as its sound. Start by teaching the single sound.
  • Create basic combinations of 2 letters, one consonant and one Spanish vowel. When our son learned them and visually differentiated them, I started to make basic sound combinations for him.

For example put together b and a, c and a, d and a, and so forth. I sounded the letters and once we were done with the combination of all consonants with a, I started with e and did the same.

  • Next, play the game I call “Where is This Sound.” Use the basic combinations you made and try to find them in the board books, signs, etc.

Soon enough your child will know the sounds of several letters combined, and he will also know how to spot them. When I did it, I was not very concerned about our son getting confused…And he never did.

  • Once your child knows how to sound a combination of two letters and spot them, you start mixing them.

For example, mix ma and ma which creates mama or mother. Ma with pa which creates mapa or map. I was amazed of how fast our son Ian learned to read simple words in Spanish, and how beneficial this was for his fluency in a second language.

  • Introduce your child to basic reading with this technique. My son learnt to read in Spanish before he learnt to read in English which gave us an incredible advantage in keeping Spanish going.

Reading opened a whole new world for him. He continues to excel in reading in Spanish, even though his vocabulary in English already surpassed his vocabulary in Spanish.

Spanish Vowels Lyrics

Salió la a, Salió la a
no se a donde vá. Repeat.
A comprarle un regalo a mi mamá
a comprarle un regalo a su mamá.

Salió la e, Salió la e
no se a donde fué. Repeat.
Fuí con mi tía Marta a tomar té
fué con su tía Marta a tomar té.

Salió la i, Salió la i
y yo no la sentí. Repeat.
Fuí a comprar un punto para mí
fue a comparar un puntico para mí.

Salió la o, Salió la o
y casi no volvió. Repeat.
Fuí a comer tamales y engordé
fue a comer tamales y engordó.

Salió la u, Salió la u
y que me dices tu. Repeat.
salí en my bicicleta y llegue al Perú
salió en su bicicleta y llegó al Perú.

A, e, i, o, u, ae
a, e, i, o, u…
A, e, i, o, u, io
a, e, i, o, u…

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