Strapless Quinceañera Dress

Top Choices to Show Your Shoulders Bear!

Why is a strapless quinceañera dress so special? Because it is a versatile type of dress. This design is one of the top choices for quinceñeras because it allows you to wear the same dress at the mass and at the party. Simply pair it with a shawl for the mass and take the shawl off at the party.


Pink Quinceañera Dresses -Strapless

Pink has always been a favorite also because it can remind you of your tender years and your place as a lady to be entering society. Pink also flatters many of your beautiful skin tones you probably have as Latina, that bronze that is so special and looks unique with a salmon or pink dress like the ones below.  

Strapless White Quinceañanera Dresses

Many consider white to be only for weddings. Until recently -about a decade or so, that was the case.  Today many quinceañeras are wearing white at their parties and do so with no regrets or reservations.

The best way to wear a white quinceañera dress without appearing to be going to be the bride is to simply use a splash of color around your waist. A wide color lace with some embroidery may do the trick.

You can also pair the dress with gloves in the same color as the white lace. For sure you will not look as a bride and you will retain the
uniqueness of a quinceañera.

If you would like to know more about how to choose the right dress for your figure head to Vestidos de Quinceañera where you can, according to your figure and other characteristics, find how to make the best choice.

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