5 Benefits of a Spanish Immersion Adventure for Your Child

Have you been struggling to convince your child to speak Spanish? You are not alone, I have been through the same with my son. Keep reading because I think I have found the way to help you, I am talking about a Spanish immersion adventure for your child.

There could be plenty of reasons why your child won’t speak, from a lack of language skills to a lack of confidence, but simple boredom often creates the biggest obstacle. It may seem farfetched but boredom simply makes our little ones lose their attention and reject learning Spanish.

I found that a Spanish immersion adventure provides an excellent opportunity to overcome all of these challenges by creating an environment where your child will love to learn.

I know it could be out of your budget however, if you are planning a vacation you may fit in a Spanish speaking destination making it a perfect opportunity to do a Spanish immersion your style!

5 Benefits of a Spanish Immersion Adventure for Your Child

Whether your child has Spanish class in school or you teach your child Spanish at home, this type of academic instruction only goes so far. A Spanish immersion adventure provides a richer experience with many benefits. Consider these 5 benefits to plan an immersion adventure for your niño.  Spanish immersion adventures:

Make Spanish Relevant

Kids often complain that the things they learn in school seem boring and completely useless in real life. A Spanish immersion adventure offers the opportunity to change that.

The promise of the adventure can provide motivation for your child to excel in their Spanish studies before the trip, while also serving as proof that for some fun activities you have to know Spanish.

Get Real World Spanish Practice

An immersion adventure offers excellent Spanish language practice. Your child will hear many different accents, learn new vocabulary, and even begin to pick up grammar by example.

As a family we have been in countries like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Spain which provide the diversity in accents and words usage.

I explained to my son the differences in accents and pronunciation he was going to experience in the south of Spain. I knew the usage of s, c and z, which was going to throw him off for sure.

I also found that being in an environment where they must speak Spanish to be understood can also help build confidence, as your child learns that even if their Spanish isn’t quite perfect, people are still happy to talk to them.

Improve Cultural Understanding with a Spanish immersion adventure for your child

Spanish immersion adventure for your child

My son sitting at a street vendor’s spot in Cartagena , Colombia.

If you plan your Spanish immersion adventure in another country, your child will get an up close and personal experience of that country’s culture.

It can be very rewarding for a child to experience a way of life and a way of thinking that is different from their own. It enriches their worldview and helps teach tolerance.

Improve Cognitive Skills

According to the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, research has shown that kids who become fully bilingual display improved cognitive skills in areas like divergent thinking, pattern recognition, and problem solving.

Immersion adventures make an excellent tool for helping your child practice and maintain their bilingual language skills and hopefully reap these cognitive benefits.

Have Fun!


Spanish immersion adventure for your child

My son horse back riding on his Spanish immersion adventure in Medellín, Colombia.

Don’t forget to let your child have fun on their Spanish immersion adventure! While the adventure might include attending school or classes in Spanish, don’t let that be the only activity.  When we do it we mix it with beach and horseback riding time and my son loves it.

Some parents are skeptical about Spanish immersions; I say this is nonsense and if you want to know why, read the article Language Immersion Myths. Also plan some travel or activities your child will enjoy, like going to fútbol games, exploring beaches, hiking ruins or visiting relatives.  Those activities can create the perfect Spanish immersion adventure for your child.