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Why am I writing this Tell Me More Spanish review? Because I know for sure how hard it could be to learn another language when you don’t have the right tools.

How do I know? Because I did it! I came to the U.S., learned a second language and made a life here. What I can tell you for sure is that being “here,” immersed in the culture, was what accelerated my learning curve.

Lets put it this way, vocabulary and grammar without culture and fun experiences just doesn’t do it as perfectly as reading, doing drills, and studying Spanish with no interaction…and that is where Tell Me More Spanish comes in.

Take it from a Spanish teacher for children and an adult Spanish tutor I have heard it all. What works, motivates and enhances a person’s ability when it comes to learning Spanish.

I have discovered that the closest way to learn Spanish from home and at your own pace is through Spanish Learning software Tell Me More. After my Spanish software review I can say it is the most extensive Spanish language learning software solution. You can master fluency through 10 distinct levels and exclusive online services.Tell Me More Spanish Review

Why Tell Me More V10 Spanish 5 or 10 Levels is the Right Choice at No Risk

Excellent Assessing Tool and Basic Start. Tell Me More V10 Spanish comes with 20 basic lessons that help you get started in the learning process.

After those 20 basic lessons the levels start. Then you can take the test to choose the next 5 levels that are adequate for you from 10 levels in total.

Another way to start the program is simply take the assessment test, based on 64 questions.  Depending on your answers you will be placed at the right level. No guess work here.

I spoke to one of the representatives on the phone who told me levels 1-5 are the equivalent to 2 years of high school Spanish approximately, and 6-10 to 2 more.

Graphics and Videos Perfect for Visual Learners. Every lesson has excellent picture or graphs to enhance comprehension. It also comes with about 10 hours of video, which are up to date and about current events, real
world situations.

Plenty of Exercises to Reinforce knowledge.  TELL ME MORE Spanish Version 10Tell Me More Spanish Review comes with 10,000 exercises. Let’s be real, if you don’t do exercises you don’t solidify knowledge. It is like going to the gym once expecting to have a six pack after only one session.

It Is a Comprehensive Learning Tool that incorporates reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar along culture.

Tell Me more V10 Spanish Is Technologically Advanced. For many this could be a detractor, but once you learn how to use the tools you are going to compare this software to others and be very happy you bought this one. At least that is how I felt when I did my Spanish software review.

Visual Appeal. Clean lines and beautiful images enhance the learning experience, and Tell e More has it paired with uncluttered screens, simple icons, and an excellent color scheme. Do you know it also has 3-D animations and specific graphs that show your progress?

Best Tools for Learning Pronunciation. It has speech recognition that allows you to record your pronunciation and pinpoint the mistakes with its Spoken Error Tracking System which translates into better pronunciation. See the video on the top of the page at 4:24 minutes.

It is versatile. You can have it in your MP3 Player. Offers a translation of the lesson if you want it with the click of a button.

Uses Culture Constantly. This is one of the major advantages I see in this software. It perfectly ties learning to real life situations in the cultural environments.

Culture is everywhere on the videos, dialogues, etc. One thing I want to mention is that it uses Spanish from Spain, but if you are basically learning Spanish I don’t see a detriment on that.

Justifies the Price Point. For what it offers I consider this Spanish learning software way ahead of its competitors. Yes you can buy Rosetta Stone and look at pictures all day until you guess the right answer, but if you are real about learning Spanish this is the best product because of its comprehensive approach and tools.

No Risk with their 7 days free trial. What do you have to loose? Nothing, just try it risk free and see if it fits your needs. I can assure you it has a lot to offer.

As you can see Tell Me More Spanish Version 10 wins the top spot after my Spanish software review. If you are interested in knowing how it compares to Rocket Spanish go to my Spanish learning software review page where I specifically compare the two of them.

If you are like the majority of the Spanish learning people, you may not be able to travel to a Spanish speaking country for at least one year  accurately mixing language and culture, having people correcting you, watching real videos completely in Spanish, hearing your voice constantly speaking in Spanish, and being forced to speak the language.

That is why Tell Me More Spanish software is the solution that encompasses writing, listening, video, voice recognition, exercises, and most importantly culture!

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