Traveling to Medellin Colombia

Traveling to Medellin Colombia

Thinking about traveling to Medellin Colombia? Once a city where foreigners rarely dared to venture, Medellin, Colombia is now one of the most valued gems in Latin America as far as travel and culture goes.

Without getting into some of the sordid details of its past (mainly because such details are irrelevant in this humble corner of the internet) what you should know about Medellin is that it is a fast developing city in Colombia that has much to offer to the adventurer, the site-seer and even the retiree looking for warm and pleasant weather to ride out their golden years.

Medellin tourism has picked up by a huge amount in the last decade or so but why is this?  Here for you know the ultimate guide to things to do in Medellin Colombia (top 7)

While Traveling to Medellin Colombia Immerse Yourself in the Nightlife

I’m sorry but the first thing I have to mention will speak more to a younger and young at heart crowd. I promise I will get into more family friendly and relaxing activities in the next few entries but, taking part in the vibrant and colorful nightlife of Medellin is something you would be remiss to exclude from your trip if you love a good time.

For a good party, head over to Parque Lleras where there is no shortage of bars, clubs and happening restaurants with great music and local spirits. The Medellin Flower Festival is also a popular tourist draw that has gained worldwide notoriety and is definitely worth inclusion in the itinerary.

Traveling to Medellin Colombia

Traveling to Medellin Colombia

Escobar Tours

The most fascinating aspect of the man, the myth and sometimes the monster Pablo Escobar is how polarizing the opinions are of him to the locals in Medellin.  This is what makes the Pablo Escobar tours so intriguing. Take a trip through a significant period of Colombian history and decide for yourself.

Sporting Events

Who are we kidding?  The only sport one needs to experience in Colombia is futbol (soccer).  If you are a fan, you will be intoxicated by the zealous passion of the locals for their two home teams, Atletico Nacional and Independiente Medellin.  Take in a match and get ready to lose your voice.


Alright, let’s calm things down for a bit.  Want to see some beautiful countryside and possibly even scope out a spot for retirement?  Take a tour of some of the nearby Pueblos around Medellin like El Peñol, Guatapé, Rionegro, Llanogrande, San Pedro, El Carmen de Viboral, Belmira, Jericó, Santa Fe de Antioquia and many more to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Stuff Your Face

Did you really think we were going to compose a list about traveling to Medellin Colombia without talking about food?  We Latinos love our food and you have to try local dishes like Ajiaco and Bandeja Paisa in order for you to even consider your pilgrimage to Medellin complete.

Take to the Skies

Many people, when thinking about South American countries like Colombia and Brazil, immediately conjure up images of people hanging from over sized kites and soaring against a beautiful skyline, and for good reason.  One of the most popular things to do for visitors to Medallín is paragliding. For a handful of pesos, you can take to the skies and see the rich geography that Medellin has to offer from a bird’s eye view.

Stroll Through the Park

For those looking to take it easy, take advantage of the many parks and plazas in Medellin like the Parquet Explora, Pueblito Paisa, Parque Arví and the Plaza Botero.

Enjoy Yourself

Traveling to Medellin Colombia will surely be one of the more enriching experiences of your life and the best thing to do while you are there is make it your own. Explore (safely), keep your mind open to new experiences and get lost in a culture that has more to offer than can fit in this humble corner of the internet.


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