Vestidos de Quinceañera

Choosing the Perfect Quinces Dress

Choosing the perfect quince dress can be hard! With so many beautiful vestidos de quinceañera available, your head may be spinning at all the options.

I understand because I felt the same way when I had to choose my dress many years ago back in Colombia.

Should you go traditional or modern? Splurge on a designer gown or try to find something on sale? Here are a few aspects of the quinceañera dress to consider as you make your decision.

Choosing Your Quinceañera Dress

Quinces Gown Budget

Quinceañera gowns can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Set a budget before you go shopping, so you can avoid falling in love with a dress that is out of your price range.

You should also consider using a tailor or seamstress to customize an off the rack dress or even duplicate a designer look for a fraction of the cost.

What Color Should You Wear?

The traditional color for sweet 15 dresses is pale pink. White dresses are also quite common, even though originally this color was reserved for brides. Both white and pale pink represent a girl’s innocence and purity.

Nowadays, there is much more freedom to choose whatever color dresses you would like. I recommend bright colors and jewel tones mostly for darker skins or to make a strong contrast. Today patterned dresses are rare.

When choosing a quinces dress think about who you are. This is very important because the dress reflects your personality.  Are you bold, risky, calm, or a dreamer?


If you want to fully appreciate the quinceñera “princess for a day” feeling, you have to get a ball gown style dress. This type of dress has a long, full skirt and a tailored top.

The princess style reflects a romantic personality and goes well in pastel and soft colors. The top can be strapless or even corset style, so there is no danger of looking frumpy.

The quinces princess style dress is actually very elegant and refined, as well as reminiscent of the sort of formal quince gowns worn at the first quinceañera parties in colonial Mexico.

A variation can be to wear a formal ball gown for the mass and the grand entrance to their party, then change into something more modern and “sexy” for the rest of the party.

Before choosing a style identify your body shape and try choosing from the dress styles that flatter each shape best.  Ask yourself: What body shape am I? Based on your body type choose a style that enhances your figure.


Straight type: Enhance shoulders and bottom to make your figure more prominent and curvy. You can also enhance your waist with darker colors or a belt.

Apple or oval type: De-emphasize your waist area. Show more legs and use a style that adds curves to your lower body.

Pear type: Enhance and give more volume to your upper body. The bottom is your body is more full therefore make it even by bringing more volume to your sleeves or shoulders.

Hourglass type: You are very fortunate if you have this body type. Enhance it by adding more to top and bottom of your dress or simply by emphasizing your middle section.


Because the quinceañera party is such a big event in a girl’s life, vestidos de quinceañera can get quite elaborate.

Skirts can be covered in ruffles or wound with ribbons and lace, and bodices can be embellished with rhinestones, seed pearls, and embroidery.

Embellishments are a great way to add color, interest and style to an otherwise simple white or pale pink dress. They make the dress more rich and playful.

On the other hand, going overboard with embellishments can completely ruin your dress making it look loud or unrefined.

Comfort and Fit

At your quinceañera party, it’s important to look and feel your best. You should choose a dress that flatters your body shape and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

The dress should not restrict your movement or threaten to slip out of place while you are dancing. If you choose a strapless style, make sure you have the right bra to go with it!

Remember, today’s quince parties are based on tradition but not bound to it. Choose among several vestidos de quinceañera that suit your personality to select the one that is perfect for you, whether or not it fits the traditional model.


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