Visiting the Amazon Rainforest in Bolivia

Visiting the Amazon Rain Forest

The Amazon rain forest in Bolivia has much to offer for those looking to see a corner of the world that is unlike any other.

The tropical rain forest will surely enthrall you and you will see Bolivian rain forest animals that you cannot see in any other section of the globe. Still, your enjoyment of the Amazon rain forest in Bolivia will greatly depend on what kind of experience you are looking to have.

Bolivia or Peru or Brazil

To put it grossly understated, the Amazon is a big ol’ river. It spans many different South American countries so the first step in planning your visit to the Amazon rain forest is to figure out which country you wish to include in your excursion.

If you are looking for a more touristy and comfortable look at the Amazon, you will want to head to the Peruvian Amazon.  But if you are prepared for a more rustic, stripped down and natural view of the Amazon in all its glory, the Amazon basin in Bolivia is going to be your destination of choice.

If Brazil is the first country you think of when you think about the Amazon, you are going to want to curb that bias right now. Especially if you are a budget-conscious explorer because while the Bolivian Amazon is just as naturally diverse as the Brazilian Amazon, visiting and touring in Bolivia is much cheaper.

When to Visit the Amazon Rainforest in Bolivia

If you don’t want to get eaten alive by mosquitoes, visit the Bolivian Amazon between the months of May and October. This is the period known as the dry season and it brings out many different kinds of animals to the river without the presence of torturous mosquitoes.

Visiting the Amazon Rain Forest

Visiting the Amazon Rain Forest

Locales of Note in the Bolivian Amazon

Rurrenbaque should always be your first stop when venturing into the Amazon. It is a small town where you can easily book tours and find lodging for cheap. From Rurrenbaque, the trip gets a bit trickier and a lot more personal.  This is when you have to ask yourself what kind of experience you wish to have.

“Pampas” is a word that you will hear a lot when booking your Amazon tour and it refers to a tour of the Amazon basin.  While this may be a good choice for those traveling frugally, it does not actually take you deep into the jungle.

If you had something more like an Indiana Jones adventure in mind, jungle tours are the way to go.  Be advised however that these tours will take you deep into the jungle which means long hikes in a very humid and steamy jungle terrain.  Also, due to the dense tree life, it may be harder for you to spot the animals you came to see.

Other than the guided Pampas basin and jungle tours you should check out Laguna Isirere which is a beautiful lake thick with bird and fish life, Totaizal which is home to the Chimane tribe and offers a fascinating insight into the lives of the indigenous people there and Laguna Normandia where you can see one of the rarest species in the Alligator and Crocodile family, the Caiman.

The Amazon rainforest in Bolivia will not disappoint, period.  It provides tons of options so you don’t have to feel encumbered by budget or experience.  If you are looking for a quite different adventure in Bolivia don’t miss the Diablada a The Oruro Carnival Oruro.

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