Visiting Oaxaca Mexico

Visiting Oaxaca Mexico

Visiting Oaxaca Mexico will take you to one of the more confounding cities in the country.  It is the capital city of one of Mexico’s most impoverished states but you wouldn’t really know it if you were placed in the heart of Oaxaca and never ventured beyond the city limits. It is naturally and architecturally beautiful but that is only half of its story. In truth, Oaxaca is not just a site to see but it was the center of hot political action and still remains a place where intellectuals gather and where revolutions of the past still tinge the air.

If you are visiting Oaxaca, Mexico you have the daunting task of seeing and experiencing everything it has to offer in a limited amount of time but hopefully, I will be able to help with that…

While Visiting Oaxaca Mexico Taste the Food

At this point,  you should just assume that 99% of my articles are going to involve food.  Among the most enjoyable things to do in Oaxaca Mexico is to take advantage of the sumptuous cuisine.  If you are like me and enjoy dining outdoors, there is an excellent brunch/breakfast spot called Casa Oaxaca Café where you can enjoy freshly squeezed juices, Mexican omelets and chilaquiles in the open air courtyard under the fine Mexican sun.

Oaxaca is known as “the land of 7 moles” because quite simply, they make some of the best mole you will ever try.  You can find mole dishes in almost every restaurant that serves lunch or dinner in Oaxaca.

Enjoy Art

Oaxaca is well-known for its street art which can be seen on the adobe and concrete walls all throughout the town but it has made such an impact on the local artist scene that there are now proper galleries devoted to graffiti and street art.  One of these galleries is called the Espacio Zapata.  You can also catch poetry and essay readings at this same venue as well as take part in a workshop.

Visiting Oaxaca Mexico

Visiting Oaxaca Mexico

Attend the Festivals

Oaxaca has some of the most vibrant and colorful Day of the Dead festivals in Mexico.  If at all possible you should plan to be in Oaxaca in November when the Día de los Muertos is in full swing and colorful alters, and painted skulls can be seen all throughout the city.

July is also a nice time to go to Oaxaca because the Guelaguetza festival brings traditional dancers to the town in a lively celebration of culture and art.

Visit the Sites

Among the most popular Oaxaca Mexico attractions are all the excellent photo ops that can be taken advantage of in the region. First of all, Oaxaca is home to some of the most unique and artful Baroque cathedrals in all of Mexico.

Should you find yourself in Oaxaca be sure to devote some time to check out Santo Domingo De Guzmán which is one of the most outlandishly devised examples of Latin architecture.  Like many cities in Mexico, Oaxaca has some great ruins to look at but unlike other cities, Oaxaca’s ruins are not Aztec or Mayan influenced.  You will see astronomically correct pyramids and arenas among the ruins in Oaxaca.

Get Lost in the Nightlife

We love our nightlife, don’t we?  The answer is yes we do and Oaxaca is a great locale for taking in a night of Mescal and dance. Café Central is a great place to cut loose on the dance floor, enjoy the local spirit (Mescal) and even enjoy some late night munchies all in the same place.

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